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Year 1 Maple

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Useful Information
 Please send your child's PE kit into school to keep on their peg. Please ensure all items are clearly labelled. Thank you.  Please send your child with a named water bottle for use in the classroom. These will be sent home at the end of each week to be washed. 
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Year 1 Maple welcome booklet
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Curriculum Map   Click here to download 'real' and 'nonsense' words to help your child practise for the Phonics Screening Test.

Our current Literacy topic is: A losing tale - Dogger

Our Current Numeracy Topic is: Fractions

Our current Science topic is: Plants

Our Current Creative Curriculum Topic is: Dinosaur Planet

Welcome back to our final half term in Year One.

What a fantastic first day back we have had!

In Maths we have started learning about fractions​, and have looked at halving objects. It was really fun toady as we worked in pairs to half a pear. We had to make sure both parts were equal. Try this activity at home.

Exciting news today, we received a letter form The British Museum, asking for our help! They had found some coprolite in the museum attic and wanted us to investigate what kind of dinosaur it had come from. A herbivore, a carnivore or an omnivore. We were not sure what coprolite was, Mrs Riley explained it was fossilised dinosaur dung - Yes DINOSAUR POO!!!

We absolutely loved this activity and were able to work out what dinosaur the dung could have come from​.

Maths Workshop for parents is on Thursday 16th May at 3.45pm or 5.15pm.

Our current Numeracy targets are to recall all number bonds to 10/20/and related subtraction facts.

Our current Literacy targets are to form small letters correctly and sit them on the line/ form ascenders and descenders correctly/ use ajectives to engage the reader.​


Spring Term Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: A wishing tale - Gorilla by Anthony Browne

Our Current Numeracy Topic is: Place Value within 50.

Our current Science topic is: Everyday materials.

Our current Creative Curriculum topic is: Bright lights, Big city

In the news.......

Whitley Walk

As part of our geography learning and our Wonderful Whitley Art Project we went on a walk around our local area. We discussed lots of physical and human features we could see. We started our walk by walking down Abbey Road, along London Road passed the allotments. Then we walked across Folly Field and through Whitley Grove Woods. We had a fantastic time, thank you to all the grown ups who gave up their time to walk with us.


Science week

​We had lots of fun this week. We had to work as a team to create a flood-proof house. We had to test different materials to find out which were waterproof and strong. 

We then designed a house and built it using suitable materials.​

Then it was the exciting part! We had to test them. To do this we sprayed them with the hose to see what would happen!

What a fantastic World Book Day, the children all looked amazing in their costumes.

We had lots of fun sharing our books. We wrote about the characters we came dressed as and took part in a scavenger hunt to find different items within the books in the classroom. We ended the day by choosing which story to listen to, which were read by different adults within the school.​

In Numeracy our current target is counting in 10s, 2s or 5s. 

We enjoyed a fantastic launch to our new topic Bright lights, Big city. We came to school in our best dress, as we were invited, by the Queen, to a very special tea party.  When we entered the room for the tea party we had to bow or curtsy to the Queen. We had a great afernoon eating biscuits, cupcakes and drinking squash. We also found out a lot of facts about the royal family.

We have been using maps and aerial photographs to find out about London. We are able to identify famous landmarks of London as well as using symobls on a map to find human features , such as places of worship, schools, roads and railway stations. 

In computing we programmed a Beebot to move around a map of London visiting different landmarks. We used the language forwards, backwards, left turn and right turn. 

We have been very busy investigating everyday materials in science. Ask your child to find objects made from; wood, plastic, metal, glass, rock, brick and paper.

We had a great time investigating which type of paper would be best for painting on or mopping up spilt water.

We have been using magnifiers to look closely at fabrics, to identify ​different patters. We were given 3 different samples of fabric, we had to use a magnifier to draw what we could see, then we were asked to suggest what type of clothing it came from. This was a fantastic lesson!!

 Ask your child what clothes Mrs Riley cut up!!

​We enjoyed an amazing Countries Day, where we found out about Spain.

It all started when we boarded the aeroplane for sunny Spain!!

Then we researched what the weather was like and compared it to Coventry. After that we thought about what we would need to pack in our suitcases, remembering to include lots of suncream and a sun hat!!

We were able to taste some Spanish foods. these included Chorizo, pork loin,Serrano ham, Spanish Tortilla and ​Manchego cheese. We enjoyed the spanish Tortilla!!

​We learnt how to count up to 12 in Spanish, then went on a number hunt around the classroom.


We have been doing some fantastic learning in Maths! 

We have been learning about number bonds that make 10 and also how to compare number bonds using <,> and = signs.​

Exciting news, this Thursday, 1st November, Year One are being visited by two specially trained 'Therapy Dogs', called Lulu and Milo. We will be learning about how to look after pets, especially feeding, grooming and exercising, this is to launch our new topic Paws, Claws and Whiskers. On Friday 2nd November, the children are able to bring to school a special toy animal or a photograph of their family pets. 

What a fantastic day we had! Year One thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the Therapy Dogs, Lulu and Milo and their owner Gerard. The children were able to ask questions about how to care for the dogs and got a chance to stroke them, some children were lucky enough to have a go at brushing them.​

Autumn Term 1

Don't forget Friday 14th September is our 'WOW' day to launch our new topic 'Superheroes'. Children are allowed to dress up as a Superhero for the day. If you don't have a Superhero costume don't worry, please don't feel the need to go out and buy one, children can create their own superhero or they could come dressed as a real life superhero - firefighter, policeman/woman, nurse, doctor etc.​ I can't wait to see who will be arriving to school on Friday! Watch this space to find out what went on!

What a very busy half term we've had! We have been learning about superhero powers and looking at our own super senses. We have explored hero and villain characteristics and talked about how to stay safe online.

We were very luck to have a visit from a real life superhero.

​We had a very important mission to complete at the end of the topic. The evil Professor Slime had escaped from prision and had left instructions all over our school in the hope of tricking the children into making the wrong choices. Thankfully Year one transformed into superheroes once again to help foil this evil plan. They were victorious, as they managed to find and destroy all of Slime's instructions before being seen by the rest of the school. The Avengers and Justice League were extremely grateful for all their hard work in defeating Professor Slime!!