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Useful Information
 Please send your child's PE kit into school to keep on their peg. Please ensure all items are clearly labelled. Thank you.  Please send your child with a named water bottle for use in the classroom. These will be sent home at the end of each week to be washed. 
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Year 1 Maple welcome booklet
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Summer Term Learning

Our current literacy topic is: Literacy skills

Our current numeracy topic is: Problem solving 

Our current science topic is: Plant Detectives 

Our current creative curriculum topic is: Rio de Vida

​In the news...

Coombe Park Trip - 11th July 2018 

We had a fantastic day at Coombe Park for our end of year trip! The children explored the beautiful grounds, identifying wild flowers and using our science knowledge. The children used wax crayons to create tree rubbings and looking at the patterns that different things made. They also had some time playing in the park. It was a lot of fun! 

Climbing Wall - 2nd July 2018

The children were very excited today to get a chance to use the climbing wall. Everyone was very supportive of each other and encouraged their classmates to climb ​further up. What a lovely afternoon was had by all. 

Our Church Visit - 8th June 2018

Year 1 walked to the church on Friday ​to learn all about what is special to Christians. We learned about all the things at the church including the Bible. It was really interesting to learn about all of the information and ask questions.

Rio De Vida

To introduce our new topic Rio De Vida, Year 1 came to school with their carnival clothes on. We listened to carnival music and discussed how the music makes us feel. We then read a carnival poem and used key words to create our own carnival poetry and read them to our partners. After, we talked about celebrations around the world and looked at images of different carnivals - we then thought about the celebrations in our own lives and drew pictures of these. To learn about Brazil, we watched a video all about the country. We focused on Brasilia and thought about the similarities and differences between Coventry and Brasilia and created a poster to display these. We had a great day and our looking forward to learning all about Brazil! 


​Year 1 Maple worked so well as a team on an orienterring activity in the hall. They had to use the correct equipment to make the pitcure on the cards. 




                                      West Midland Safari Park

As part of our Dinosaur planet topic in our Cornerstones lesson, Year 1 visited West Midland Safari Park. We went to see The Land of The Living Dinosaurs and had a brilliant time. Despite the miserable weather, Year One looked at lots of different dinosaurs and learned lots of information about them.​

After visiting the Land of the Living Dinosaurs, we had our lunch and drove around the Safari Adventure and saw so many other animals ​including lions, tigers, camels, elephants, deer, giraffes and so many more. We have had a fantastic day! 

Science Week ~ Minibeast Hunt

This week we went on a minibeast hunt around our school grounds. We used special containers with a magnifying glass lid on the top to help us to collect the minibeasts safely and so we could observe them. 



Estimating and measuring using a ruler

The children have been developing their skills in using a ruler to measure items. We have practised estimating how long each item is first and then using a ruler to find out how long the items actually were.  


Dinosaur Planet Explorer Day - 27th February 2018

We were very excited when we realised that during half term some dinosaurs had come to visit our school. Luckily someone managed to capture this on camera!


We went on an explorer hunt around school to see if the dinosaurs had left anything behind from their visit around our school. You won't believe what we found! Take a look. 

                      Story Telling Week - 29th January 2018​

We started our exciting story telling week ​with a performance of 'Once Upon a Time' performed by Caboodle Arts Company. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and enjoyed the combination of fairy tales within the performance. In the afternoon, we worked with one of the actors to help us to think about the different characters and to use great vocabulary and drama to bring them to life. 

The children ​also enjoyed creating a large scale version of the fairy tale character Red Riding Hood. They had to cut up paper into square pieces to create a mosaic. The children demonstrated great team work. 




Paws, Claws and Whiskers

We are currently working on our new topic Paws, Claws and Whiskers. The children were introduced to the topic by looking and pictures of pets that the children in Year 1 Maple have as well as the teachers in the school. We were also very lucky to have a talk about looking after pets from our very own Miss Moriarty who has a pet puppy called Teddy. ​We are looking forward to learning all about animals and where different animals come from. 

Bright Lights, Big Cities

We are currently working on our new topic Bright Lights, Big Cities. The children had a fun start to the topic by taking part in a tea party and then writing letters to the Queen. The children have enjoyed using the iPads to research famous landmarks within our capital city. They have used junk modelling to make models of famous London eyemarks and they have also learned about the famous Great Fire of London in 1666. 


The children had fun on our superhero 'WOW' day. They came dressed as superheroes for the day and did lots of fun superhero activities. 

Look at some of Year 1 Maple's a​rtwork in the hall. We explored the ‘Pop Art’ work by Andy Warhol. We based our own self-portraits upon his style.