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Year 2 Aspen

Mrs Ofori - Teacher​
Ms Torley - Teaching Assistant

Useful Information

Welcome Letter

4th June 2018 -We learned to weigh objects using scales. We then compared the weights using >,< annd =. We loved it. Check us out!


In science, we investigated what lives in rock pools and how they are adapted to their habitats. We even touched and smelled real sea shells!


To launch our new creative curriculum Beachcombers, we came to school dresssed for a day on a beach. Check us out!


In the news... This summer we will be going on a trip to Bosworth Park in Nuneaton as enrichment for our Beach Combers topic. Details have been sent out to parents. Watch this space!​

Here are pictures of the eggs we designed for our Easter Egg competition. Congratulations to Vikram's Egg Sheeran for winning best egg.

Pictures from our class assembly in March.


Summer Learning

In Literacy this Summer, we will be reading ​the book : Wanted the Perfect Pet.

We will use innovate this story and as it as a model to help us write our own wishing tales and wanted posters. We will also be writing a range of different genres such as poems, recounts , non-chronological reports, postcards, letters and scene descriptions. 

In numeracy, we will be studying measurements including money and time. We will also go back to topics already covered that we still find tricky to build our confidence. 


17.4.18 - We learned to measure by selecting the right measuring tools. We measured the length of our corridor in metres and also how far we can run in 10 seconds!                                         


19.4.18 - We investigated whether the taller you are the longer your feet with our partners. 


24.4.18 - We learned to use the vocabulary 'clockwise, anti-clockwise' to investigate and explore turns and positions. 


Here we are positioning teddies in different directions to show different turns.    

In Creative Curriculum, we will be finishing off our Spring topic- Towers, Tunnels and Turrets and then move onto our Beach Combers topic. As part of beach combers, we will be learning about some famous seascape art and use them as inspiration to draw and sketch our own seascape. We will also do sand art.                               

In History and Geography, we will be learning about UK coastal towns, coastal features and the history of seaside holidays as well as safety on the beach and caring for our environment under PSHE.

 In Design and Technology, we will make 3D models of some sea creatures, design sunglasses and finish off the topic with making our own seaside in a bottle. We will also be designing our own bunting to decorate the garden party to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding. We will finally be investigating, designing and making our own kites to fly outdoors.

In Science, we will be looking at microhabitats in the seaside, investigate why molluscs have shells and then move onto learning about seeds and plants. ​ 


                                                 17.4.18 - We explored microhabitats within our school compound to observe the livingthings which live there. We had fun collecting some minibeasts in air tight containers and then we studied them under magnifying glasses. After the lesson, we returned the minibeasts to their microhabitats to keep them safe. 

Spring Term Learning

Congratulations to Joseph and Eliza for winning best costume on World Book Day!​


In Literacy this Spring we learned to recite poems we have learned by heart using correct intonation and rhythm. We enjoyed performing some of the poems to the class. In Spring 2 we will be reading Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

We will write letters and narratives from a character's point of view, recounts and other descriptive pieces.

In Maths we learned to gather, handle and interpret data. We systematically gathered information such as favourite pets, ice cream flavours etc from all the children in the class and represented that data as a pictogram.

In Maths we are currently learning about fractions.

In Science this half-term we will be learning about how animals change as they grow, exploring some microhabitats and working scientifically to conduct simple experiments. Science Week​ We conducted a range of 'egg xperiments' to test out if an egg sinks or floats in tap water and how to get an egg to float. We also invetsigated scientifically how strong an egg shell is as well as how to make an egg unbreakable when we squeeze it as hard as possible. We had an 'egg citing'​ and cracking time!

In PE this Spring, we are learning to play invasion games such as throwing and catching and a variety of ball games.


Our Creative Curriculum topic is Towers, Tunnels and Turrets.​ We will also be looking at Castles and some world famous buildings.

In Computing we used the software Doodle Art to draw castles on our ipads.

In Design and Technology we investigated different bag designs, chose our favourite design and based on that selected materials to design and sew our own bags. We then evaluated our bags to decide what went well and what we would like to improve on for next time. 

In Food Technology we decorated pancakes with fruits and syrups to celebrate Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday). The fun part was when we had pancake race with the left overs!

In the news........... to celebrate filling our class marble jar, we used food colouring, chocolate buttons, icing sugar and sprinkles to ​decorate our own smiley face biscuits. We enjoyed the biscuits with ice cream and watched a movie.

Autumn Term Learning

In Literacy, we are learning to read, discuss, compare and respond to a range of texts as well as applying our knowledge of SPaG to write a range of creative, narrative and descriptive pieces. We are also learning to write a range of instructions and recipes. Our current Literacy targets are starting our sentences with a range of time words such as 'first, next' and using a range of -ly adverbs.

Our current maths targets are learning our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables and applying them to solve problems. 

Our current creative curriculum topic is: Street Detectives! In this topic, we will be learning about the history of Whitley particularly the changes that have occurred before we were born. We went on a virtual walk in Whitley using Google Earth and identified some human and physical features. 

Our current PE topic is Gymnastics. We are learning different shapes, jumps and routines.

​Our Science topic is Healthy Living. We will be learning about ways of keeping healthy such as eating a balanced diet and exercising.

​In the news...

Our school council representatives are Fiona and Sadaf.​

See our Art work and class in pictures​.