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Nursery Class

Reception Chestnut

Reception Willow

Year 1 Ash

Year One Maple

Year Two Sycamore

Year 2 Aspen

Year 3 Elm

Year Three Oak

Pine Class

Year Four Yew

Year Five Silver Birch

Year Six Elder

Think U Know 5-7

Think U Know 8-10

Year 2 Sycamore

Miss Bourne -


Miss Clarke -

Teaching Assistant

Useful Information
Welcome Letter  Curriculum Map 

Summer Term Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith

Our Current Numeracy Topic is: Timestables 

Our current Science topic is: Plants

Our Creative Curriculum Topic is:​ Beachcombers (The Seaside)


As part of our science learning, we went on a trip to Smith's Garden Centre and Nursery in Baginton where we learned all about how they grow plants and what happens behind the scenes in the gigantic greenhouses! At the end, we got to look at all the plants and buy some for our sensory garden. We particularly ​looked for plants which smelled nice, looked colourful or would attract bees. We had a great morning despite the rain!




To celebrate all of our hard work during our SATs we had a party to celebrate. We had a great time and the weather was so good we got to have our picnic outside!




We have been learning about seeds and finding out what they grow into. We created a see identification card to help us. 


Spring Term Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates

Our Current Numeracy Topic is: Measures

Our current Science topic is: Materials 

Our current Creative Curriculum topic is: Land Ahoy!


We made bottle boats as we are coming to the end of our Land Ahoy! topic. We used plastic bottles, wood, elastic bands, spoons and hot glue to make them and tested them in the paddling pool. It was BRILLIANT!







What material makes the best dungarees? We have been testing different materials by rubbing them on the playground to see which ones would last the longest. We found out that the denim was best. 


There are chicks in the reception classes! Just before they left they came to visit us in Year 2 and we remembered when we had chicks when we were in Reception. 



11-15th March - Science week

We conducted an investigation into how we could blow up balloons without our mouths. We made chemical reactions occur in the bottles which made the balloons inflate. It was amazing!

#1 - Yeast, sugar and warm water

#2 - Vinigar and baking soda

#3 - Diet Pepsi and sherbert

#4 - Diet Pepsi and Mentoes​

We really enjoyed it when Miss Jenkins,one of our reception teachers came back to visit us with her new baby. We sang her Twinkle, Twinkle and we think she liked it!​


To launch our new topic Land Ahoy!, we had a day where we all came to school dressed as pirates or people travelling by sea. We completed lots of activities and learned about famous sea explorers. Here we are placing sea explorers in chronological order and doing some reseach using the Chrome Books. 


We love dressing up!


We have been completing art work with an 'urban' theme. We looked at art work by Lowry and spotted the features. After, went ouside to sketch the school building and then used collaging to create our pictures. ​






January has been a very busy month - so busy that Miss Bourne and Miss Clarke weren't able to take any photos!​

Autumn Term Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Where the Wild Things Are

Our Current Numeracy Topic is: Multiplication and Division

Our current Science topic is: Taking Care and Growing Up

Our current Creative Curriculum topic is: Street Detectives

In the news.......

December 2018

December has been such a busy month for us in school!

We had a fantastic Christmas party with lots of singing, dancing, games and most importantly FOOD! We had such a good time but the adults were exhausted! Here are just a few of many pictures taken. 

We have been decorating the Christmas tree in the classroom. 


In art we have been looking at Urban Art as part of our new topic called Street Detectives. We have been sketching the urban landscape around our playground. 


On 18th December, we went to the Albany Theatre to see Peter Pan. We had such a brilliant time and really enjoyed the performance!​



November 2018

To mark the end of our Towers, Tunnels and Turrets topic, we made castles out of junk modelling. We worked really hard in our KAGAN teams to use materials which were suitable and join them together using masking tape. We then painted them - the hard part was choosing the colours! Thank you to the adult helpers who gave up their time to come into school to help us. ​


Table 7                                    Table 1                                           Table 3


                        Table 4                                               Table 6                             Table 5                                            

The extra boys group (M, M, C, C)​

​It's Diwali this month and we have been creating firework picture using black paper and chalk. Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating!



October​ 2018

We have been doing lots of work on place value in maths so understanding the value of each number​. We completed an activity with number cards thinking about the largest and smallest number we could make and also ordering. 



As part of our Cornerstones topic we have looking at and sketching famous bridges around the world. This display is up in our classroom and we are very proud of it!

 September 2018

We have been very busy since we got back to school on September 4th!

27/9/18 - As part of our topic on Towers, Tunnels and Turrets, we have been designing our own castles including some of the key features we have been learning about. ​We used an art program on Purple Mash to create our castles. 


Ben                                                             Ollie


Shrija                                                        Rose​

14/9/18 - We had our WOW day on Friday 14th September to launch our new topic ​of Towers, Tunnels and Turrets. We all came to school dressed as someone who may live or work in a castle. There were Princesses, Princes, jesters, Corgis, horses, knights and many others. We had a great day where we made our own special crowns and discovered about the parts of the castle. 

13/9/18 - We have been completing self portraits in the style of Paul Klee. We have been working really hard on drawing our own faces, paying particular attention to the shape of the eyes. Using mirrors, we carefully placed our features in the correct places. Finally, we used crepe paper to create a colourful design in the style of Paul Klee. 



11/9/18 - As part of new science topic 'Taking Care', we have been learning to sort food in different ways. We have also been thinking about how to take care of our bodies and mind through eating well and keeping clean. 



​6/9/18 - In maths, we have been learning to order numbers from largest to smallest and smallest to largest. We worked in teams and worked together to support each other by looking at the tens and the ones.