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Useful Information
Welcome Letter 

Bosworth Waterpark trip letter​

Curriculum Overview 2017-2018 


Our current literacy topic is: The seaside (writing for different purposes) 

Our current numeracy topic is: Measuring

Our current science topic is: Plants

Our current creative curriculum topic is: Beach Combers (The Seaside)


As part of our seaside topic, we have been making kites in Design and Technology. We worked hard to select the correct materials for the job and choose how we could join them. We used crepe paper, art straws, tape and glue to make the kite and then created our own designs to decorate them. Afterwards, we evaluated them to say how well they worked. The best part was testing them on a very windy day - they worked really well! Thank you to Mrs Nero for teaching us to make such great kites. 






To launch our new topic called 'Beach Combers' we had a WOW day. We came to school dressed in our beach clothes and completed activities including paining seaside scenes, locating seaside towns on the map and making a kite. In the afternoon, we went and played in the sand on the field. The weather was so brilliant, it was just like being at the beach!

To start our new plants topic in science, we have been doing some gardening. First we had to prepare the flower bed to remove all the weeds and then we planted flowers and sowed seeds. 

We have been doing athletics with Mr Parton in PE. ​We have been learning to throw, run and jump.

We have been learning to tell the time to the nearest quarter of an hour. We did a treaure hunt to find all the times to match them to the clock face. ​

We have been answering an APE question in maths: Do taller people have bigger feet?

First we discussed what we thought and tried to answer the question (Answer it)​

Then, we measured each other's height and also the length of our shoes to work out whether the answer was yes or no. We even got to measure Miss Bourne and Ms Vye. We got to record the information in any way we wanted to (Prove it)​

Finally, we looked at our results together to see if we could work out a connection and presented our findings to the class (Explain it)​


British Science Week​ 12th-16th March

This week have been doing lots of learning in science. As part of our castles topic we made our own catapults to protect ourselves from enemies. We placed an elastic band between chair legs. We tested how far objects (cubes) would travel along the table and measured distances using a ruler. We thought about: 

How to make the projectile travel further.


Later on in the week we conducted some 'Egg-speriments' in the classroom. We discovered we can make an egg unbreakable by wrapping it in cling film and squeezing it hard. After that, we tested how to make an egg float. In tap water it sank but when we added just four teaspoons of salt it floated. The salt makes the water more dense. Then we cracker our eggs into a bowl to test the strength of the shell. Did you know some of us managed to balance 11 books onto eggshells before it collapsed?! Finally we scrambled our eggs so we didn't waste any of it! It was a brilliant day. 


On Friday, we learned how to make our own bubble mixture so that we could test out how to make the best bubbles. We added glycerine, cornflower and baking powder to fairy liquid and water to make a super mixture! Did you know that no matter what shape you make the bubble wand, the bubble will always be a sphere? We made our own bubble wands using straws and sting, Then we tested them on the playground. It was amazing!

As part of our science learning on Habitats, we went on a minibeast hunt around the school. We thought about the different habitats we would find around school and where we might find different creatures and then went outside to search. We took one creature each into class to look at with the magnifying glass and then took them back to their original spot. We managed to find catapillars, centipedes, beetles, ants, slugs and snails. 

On Thursday 1st March it was World Book Day. We all dressed up as a fairy tale characters as well as some other characters to celebrate. During the day we made our own bookmarks, drew our favourite book covers and did a scavenger hunt in the library. Congratulations to David who won a book and certificate for the best costume as David Walliams' "Billionaire Boy". 


As part of our work on castles we have been junk modelling to make out own castle. We worked in partners to make a model using cardboard packaging and then the following day we painted them, ensuring we had all the important features like towers, battlements, drawbridges and a moat. . 

Story Telling Week - 29th January - 2nd February 

We had lots of fun in the workshop learning about how to create atmosphere in stories. We also enjoyed learning about Rapunzel in literacy lessons and designing shoes for Cinderella in art. Finally, we made a giant glass slipper for Cinderella out of buttons for display. 


 This month we have been doing poetry and learning the poem 'Grasshopper One' by Grace Nichols. We practiced it in our groups and then performed it to the class. 

As part of our new literacy topic, we set up our own call centre to help people with their worries. We thought of ways to solve people's problems in a sensitive way using the language of possibiities (perhaps, maybe, you could...)​




During December we were very busy preparing for Chirstmas but before that we worked hard on our practice tests and did our very best! On December 18th we went to the Albany Theatre to see 'The Wind in the Willows' with the Y3 class. We were lucky enough to have the whole theatre to ourselves and meet some of the cast at the end (Mole and Mr Toad).


The whole school attended a talent show ​on Wednesday 20th where Rafael the magcian and Harry and Rohan the Rock Stars from our class represented their houses! Well done boys!



To begin our new topic 'Street Detectives', we invited Mrs Twyman into school to show us some pictures and tell us about how Whitley has changed in living memory. We were amazed by the photographs and asked some very thoughtful questions. Did you know ASDA used to be a hospital and the IBIS hotel used to be a zoo? 



We went on a trip on the Coventrian Narrow Boat on November 9th. We had a fantastic day learning all about the waterways. We even got to work a real lock at Sutton Stop! During the journey, we followed a map and identified the bridges we passed and the places we knew along the way. It was a brilliant day! 




To round up our 'Land Ahoy' topic we have been making boats using plastic bottles, wood, spoons and elactic bands​!


First we had to measure and saw the wood. Then we used the glue gun to stick the wood to the bottle.


After that we attached our elastic bands and then wound our spoons around the bands.


Finally we tested our bottle boats on the water. Thank you to all the adults who gave up their time to come and help us make our boats. ​


In science we have been testing the suitability of different materials. We investigated which material would make the best dungarees by rubbing fabrics on the playground. 



Our new maths target is counting backwards from any number. We have been testing each other to practise.




We have be learning the story Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates. We have been using a story map to help us remember the story and have made changes to the story before writing our own. We have also compared the story to other books by the same author.

As part of our place value work in maths, we have been ordering random numbers from largest to smallest and also smallest to largest. We did find it a little bit tricky to begin with!