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Year 3 Oak

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Useful Information
 Welcome Letter Year 3 Information

Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

Summer Term Learning

Our Summer Literacy topic is: Non Chronological Reports

Our Spring Numeracy topic is: Fractions

Our Summer Science topic is: Rocks

Our Creative Curriculum topic is: Tremors (Volcanoes and Earthquakes) ​

We have been learning the story map 'Walking with Unicorns' as part of our Literacy unit on non-chronological reports. ​We used the story map to invent our own made-up creatures and write reports about them! Here is a photoof the original story map and then two examples of our innovation. One child from our class wrote about a watermelon chameleon whilst another wrote about a unicorn shark!

As part of our French lessons, we have been learning to hold a conversa​tion through getting to know somebody. We have learnt to say hello in different ways, ask how they are, what their name is and how old they are. We have also learnt how to answer these questions. Here we are using flaschards to help us.

Spring Term Learning

Our Spring literacy topic is: The Iron Man

Our Spring numeracy topic is: Multiplication and Division

Our Spring science topic is: Amazing Bodies

Our Spring creative curriculum topic is: Predator!

In the news...

Spring 2

This week we celebrated the Hindu festival​ of Holi - a festival of colours, by creating some art work.We used cotton wool to dab on some paint first and then used straw to blow some paint to create a firework effect!

In Numeracy, we have started our new topic on fractions and have been learning to add fractions to create a whole. We played a game where we were given a fraction and had to find our matching pair to make one whole.

Spring 1

We have been busy learning about our amazing bodies this term. We have learnt about the Eatwell Plate and different food groups. This topic has certainly made us think about our food choices in order to live a healthy lifestyle. ​

We have also been studying the famous story of 'The Iron Man' (Ted Hughes). We took part in lots of drama to help us understand the different characters and their traits. We used a story mountain to help us plan a 5-part structure dilemma story based on a group of friends who go for a picnic on top of the hill, completely unaware of the Iron Man lurking beneath the ground!

 Storytelling Week - 29th January-2nd February

This week we celebrated storytelling week by studying the traditional tale of Hansel and Gretel. We were very lucky to have Caboodle Arts Company visit and perfomm 'Once Upon a Time' - a production that brought together a mix of some of our favourite traditional tales! We took part in workshops that helped us to build on characters, painting a picture with words and creating a setting.

Our Autumn literacy topic is: The Dragon Machine 

Our Autumn numeracy topic is: Number and Place Value  

Our Autumn science topic is: Light

Our Autumn creative curriculum topic is: Urban Pioneers 

​In the news...


Autumn 1
The children have had a fantastic first half term in Year 3. They have been very busy in all of their learning and have settled in brilliantly. The adults in Year 3 Oak are very proud of them.
Check out some of the learning that they have been busy with this half term! ​

In Literacy we have been innovating the story 'The Dragon Machine' to create our own version. We created a story map and spent a lot of time familiarising ourselves with the story and key language features that we wanted to include. Here we are innovating and thinking of our new ideas for the story. We even showcased our story map during assembly infront of children, adults and parents!


As part of our Creative Curriculum we have been researching British monuments and statues. Here we are locating them on a map.

Autumn 2
We read the story 'S​tone Age Boy' as part of our learning of 'Tribal Tales'. We were stunned to receive a letter from the boy himself who who told us he had lost a stone age item! We went on a search to find it....