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Nursery Class

Reception Chestnut

Reception Willow

Year 1 Ash

Year One Maple

Year Two Sycamore

Year 2 Aspen

Year 3 Elm

Year Three Oak

Pine Class

Year Four Yew

Year Five Silver Birch

Year Six Elder

Think U Know 5-7

Think U Know 8-10

Year 4 Pine

Miss Nzungi - Teacher Miss Woan - Teaching Assistant

Useful Information

Year 4 Age Related Expectations

Year 4 Expected Standard - Non Fiction​

Year 4 Expected Standard - Fiction ​

SPaG Games​

Welcome letter 


Summer Term Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Discussion Texts, Poetry, Explanation Texts

Our Current Numeracy Topic is: Decimals, Geometry, Statistics, Measurement, money, Time 

Our current Science topic is: Animals Including Humans, Digestive System

Our Current Creative Curriculum Topic is: Road to USA & Burps, Bottoms and Bile

In the news:

This term we will be visiting the Temple and Gurdwara to support our learning as part of the RE Topic Hinduism, on Thursday, May 16th; we will also be having a whole week of swimming everyday after lunch on May 13-17th; and we will be having a Camp Out at school on Friday June 14th.  ​

Spring Half-Term 2 Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Warning Tale - The Lorax

             Non-Fiction: News Recount

Our current Numeracy topic is: Fractions & Decimals

Our current Science topic is: Living Things

Our current Creative Curriculum topic is: Misty Mountain Sierra - Geography

​In the news....

Year 4 Pine and Year 4 Yew went on a trip to Brandon Marsh as part of our creative curriculum topic Misty Mountain Sierra. 

We explored the longitudes and longitudes of the world focusing on the Prime Meridien, Equator, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, and investigated how climate and biomes are linked to them. 

Celebrating the start of our new topic Misty Mountain Sierra, we geared up as explorers on Wow Day and we spent the whole day doing various acitivities ​to get us to better understand what skills we will be focusing on during this topic. We started by discussing what our bodies need when using so much energy hiking on mountains - as a class we decided that using nuts, a bit of chocolate and honey will provide the boost of energy needed and so made Granola Mini Balls. Later on, by working in teams we used our orienteering skills and followed a map of Whitley Abbey Primary School grounds to answer tricky geography questions.


Spring Half-Term 1 Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Fiction: Suspense Stories

             Non-Fiction: Newspaper Report​

Our current Numeracy topic is: Multiplication and Division



Decimals               ​

Our current Science topic is: Electricity

Our current Creative Curriculum topic is: I am aWarrior- Romans

​In the news....

We started the year filled with excitment and ready to learn. In Maths, we continued building on our multiplying and dividing skills by using resources to better understand the concept. 

​ Our science topic, Electricity, is very hands-on and we love making circuits. As we make them, we add or take away buzzers, cells, bulbs, metals, paperclips and experiment what happens.  

Autumn Term Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Our current Numeracy topic is:  Place value

Our current Science topic is: States of Matter

Our current Creative Curriculum topic is: Potions

​In the news....