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Nursery Class

Reception Chestnut

Reception Willow

Year 1 Ash

Year One Maple

Year Two Sycamore

Year 2 Aspen

Year 3 Elm

Year Three Oak

Pine Class

Year Four Yew

Year Five Silver Birch

Year Six Elder

Think U Know 5-7

Think U Know 8-10

Year 5 Silver Birch


Miss Cripps - Teacher​

Teaching Assiatant

Useful Information
Welcome Letter  Curriculum Map


Our current Literacy topic is: Cosmic - Character descriptions 

Our Current Numeracy Topic is: Geometry - Properties of shapes and position and direction

Our current Science topic is: Space

Our Current Creative Curriculum Topic is: Space Travellers


Spring Term 1 Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Journey stories

Our Current Numeracy Topic: Fractions and decimals

Our current Science topic is: Life Cycles

Our current Creative Curriculum topic is: Princes, Peasants and Pestilence

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Spring 1

For three weeks students from Warwick University came into school to teach the children about the French Revolution. The children then made stop motion videos using lego. Each team had a director, builder, narrator and script writer. They then worked together to film their stop motion videos.

For​ countries day we stuided life in France. We had hot chocolate and croissants for breakfast, then studided the life and work of Claude Monet. We recreated his famous painting, 'Waterlilies', using watercolours. 

In Science we have been looking at reproduction in plan​ts. To do this we dissected daffoldils to identify the reproductive parts of a perfect flower.


Autumn Term 2 Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Historical Fiction, Biographies and Diaries

Our Current Numeracy Topic: Fractions, Multiplication and Division

Our current Science topic is: Forces

Our current Creative Curriculum topic is: Off with her Head

                                  In the news.......

Autumn 2

We have been looking at Tudor miniature portrait​s that were used in lockets in the Tudor period. Glass jars of water were used to magnify the paintings to help the painters. The children painted miniature portraits of themselves using magnifying glasses and tiny paint brushes. 

Autumn 1

The children have been making their own Alchemy Islands out of recycled bottles, cardboard and newspaper. They recreated geographical features such as mountains, rivers and volcanoes.​