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Year 5 Silver Birch

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Useful Information
Welcome Letter  Curriculum Overview 2017-2018 


Summer Term Learning

Our current literacy topic is: Fiction: 

                                Non Fiction:

Our current numeracy topic is: Angles

Our current science topic is: Space

Our current creative curriculum topic is: Space



           Spring Term Learning

Our current literacy topic is: Fiction: Story endings

                                Non Fiction: Non-Chronological Reports  

Our current numeracy topic is: Fractions

Our current science topic is: Living Things

Our current creative curriculum topic is: The Tudors - Off With Her Head!

Our new creative curriculum topic is 'Off With Her Head!' and is looking at the Tudors. The children worked really hard over the half-term to complete their Tudor challenge. There has been such a range of creations which has really set our topic off to a start.

The children have really enjoyed researching all about the 'War of the Roses' and have been very good historians, picking through all the evidence.

We have been continuing our science topic, looking at life cycles of animals. This week we have created posters, which we researched in groups, explaining a variety of life cycles.

We have just completed our unit of art work on flowers. We developed our drawing skills sketching a variety of flowers before learning how to paint with watercolour. We then created our own 'Secret Garden' using our new skills. We are all very pleased with our beautiful garden.

We have just started our new topic this term - Allotment. We will be looking at the life cycles of different types of plants and animals and are looking forward to growing some different plants of our own.

During our science lessons, we have been dissecting flowers to examine the different parts and talk about how they reproduce. We have recorded our findings using both photography and drawings.

We have just started our new book - 'The Secret Garden' and we are enjoying the adventure.

We created a story mountain to retell 'The Secret Garden'

During our numeracy lessons, we are continuing to learn more about multiplication and division using formal written methods.​

​We started to explore multiplication using a variety of different methods. 

We are very excited ​to have exchanged letters with a school in South Korea and have had the opportunity to learn more about their culture. We hope to have a Korean day this term to celebrate everything we have learned.

Here are some of the letters and projects we recieved from our new friends in South Korea.

Here are the projects we made to send over to Korea.

Autumn Term Learning

Our current literacy topic is: Fiction: Historical adventure

                                Non Fiction: Penpal letters and projects 

Our current numeracy topic is: Statistics, Multiplication and Division

Our current science topic is: Properties of Materials

Our current creative curriculum topic is: Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

School Council: Brooke and Osam.

Autumn 2 News​

We have now completed our 3D models of our fantasy islands and they are on display in the library.  Please feel free to pop in and have a look during the library open times.

We have worked hard to investigate our new Cornerstone's topic: 

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence.

We are currently reading our new class text - 'The Children of Winter' and have enjoyed learning and acting out parts of the book.

In November, we performed our class assembly for KS2 and all the parents. We were excited to perform our drama, dance, poems and song for everyone to see. We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot of interesting facts about the Black Death,

We are working hard to 'GO APE' throughout our lessons by using A.P.E (Answer it, Prove it, Explain it) to expain our answers. It can be challenging at times, but we are becoming much more confident in our ideas.

We are very lucky this term to be working with ENGAGE during our PE lessons. We have been learning how to play tag rugby and completing some values work. At the end of the term we will compete in a tag rugby festival. ​

​In the Autumn news...

We drew self-portraits in the style of Gustav Klimt. We used pastels to draw symbols which represented things which were important to us.

We have been doing a lot of cross-curricular work using our creative curriculum topic - Alchemy Island.

Introduction to our new topic - Alchemy Island​

               Learning about the properties of materials in Science.

Learning how to read 6 figure grid references in Geography.

​Ordering numbers up to 1 million in Mathematics

Making 3D sculptures in Art using our portal stories for inspiration.

The WASPS came to teach us some new rugby skills.