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Summer Term Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Lost Words

Our Current Numeracy Topic is: Mathematical Problem Solving

Our current Science topic is: Nature - John Muir Award

Our Current Creative Curriculum Topic is: World War Two

This term Year 6 have been working really hard in preparation for their SATs.

We had a party to celebrate the end of SATs where we made pizza, played outside and listened to music.  

We are currently reading 'Letters from a Lighthouse' and have been enjoying learning more about WWII. We are now preparing for going on our field trip to Dol-Y- Moch so have been looking at the poem collection, Lost Words, and been preparing for the John Muir Award. 

We are all very excited to go to Dol-Y-Moch after the half term.

Spring Term Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Letters from a Lighthouse.

Our Current Numeracy Topic is: Algebra and Measures

Our current Science topic is: The human body and Keeping Healthy

Our current Creative Curriculum topic is: Bloodheart / WW2

In the news.......

Year 6 had a fun Countries Day learning more about South Korea: making some Korean food - gimbap; learning to speak some Korean phrases and creating some Korean art. 

Learning how to use our chopsticks!

Enjoing our Gimbap

Year 6 have been hard at work already working on their decimals and fractions. We have been doing lots of activities and puzzles to help us gain confidence in our knowledge.

Year 6 have been out braving the cold weather to practice our drawing and sketching skills by observing the trees around our school. We have been looking at how to create light and shadow within our drawings and looking at the different types of patterns created on the bark. Our next step is to create our own sketch of a winter tree.

Year 6 trip to Birmingham Art Gallery and Theatre

At the end of the Autumn term Year 6 had a trip to Birmingham - we had a great day looking at the art work, exploring the Saxon Hoard and then going to the theatre. We created our own sketchbooks and have enjoyed finding out about lots of different artists.

Autumn Term Learning

Our current Literacy topic is: Holes by Louis Sachar

Our Current Numeracy Topic is: Fractions

Our current Science topic is: Light and Electricity

Our current Creative Curriculum topic is: Hola Mexico!

In the news.......

The children have really settled in well to their final year at Whitley Abbey Primary School. We have all been working hard and got back into the school routine.

On Friday we had our WOW Day where we explored the 'Frozen Kingdom'. Children came to school in extra warm clothes and spent the day exploring ice! We expanded our imaginations by watching and photographing the ice. We had the opportunity to devise and conduct our own icy science ​experiments, made our own versions of the Titanic and then created icy pictures to inspire our poetry skills.

Placing our icebergs in the frozen kingdom!

​Measuring how much of our icebergs are above and below the water.

Sailing our boats around the icebergs. 

We have been doing a lot of work looking at Growth Mindset and how we can grow our brains. We have throught about how we can improve our outlook and keep a positive energy both inside and outside the classroom. 

We have all been working hard to try and get our work on the 'Wall of Fame'