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Toasting Marshmallows on a Fire

This week during Forest Schools we helped Mr Austin to find suitable fire wood and found suitable sticks to sharpen so we could put our marshmallows on the end to place over the fire. We sharpened the sticks using vegetable peelers and knives​ and then Mr Austin showed us how to create a fire. We then held our sticks over the fire to toast our marshmallows. It was so much fun, and we loved eating our marshmallows!

Ryton Pools

We had lots of fun at Ryton Pools for our end of the year trip. We completed an enormous mini-beast hunt using equipment; nets, magnifying pots, magnifying glasses and brushes. We found so many creatures including, ants, hoverflies, butterflies, spiders, beetles, centipedes and so many more. We then went to the Wild Woods and completed a variety of activities including digging for treasure, painting the trees, den building, tree rubbings and using the mud kitchen. It was a great day and the children were so tired!​

Working Together

In Reception Willow, we know how important it is to work together. We watched some videos of ants working together to carry really heavy food and objects for their home so we decided to try to be ants. We worked in teams to carry a PE mat from one side of the room to another, it was lots of fun and we realised how important it is to listen. ​

Creating Minibeast Hotels 

We worked in teams of 5 to create minibeast hotels using the construction equipment. We worked cooperatively and listened to each other to create a perfect hotel.​

Our walk to Whitley Woods 

For our Forest Schools lesson​ this week, Reception Willow and Chestnut went for a walk to Whitley Woods. We looked for minibeasts and different natural objects such as flowers. It was a lot of fun!

Half term home learning 

Thank you to everyone that tried their best to grow a bean over the half term. It was lovely to hear from the children about where you kept them, which ones grew and which ones didn't. It was a fantastic experience for the children to try and grow a bean (even though some didn't). The Bean Diaries were fabulous! Miss McIntosh and Mrs Bostock tried to grow a bean as well. Mrs Bostock's didn't grow but have a look at Miss McIntosh's! We can't believe how much it grew!

Using the iPads

Reception Willow went for a walk around the school grounds this week to learn all about things that are growing. We identified things that were growing with our Kagan partners and used the ipads to take photographs of living things. ​

Have a look at the photographs we have taken!

Learning about capacity

This week we are learning all about capacity. We have learnt that capacity is how much something can hold and have enjoyed filling different sized containers with things around the classroom including cubes, pasta, sand and water. We are starting to compare the different containers and use the language full, half full and empty. 


We are so excited to be back at school for our final term in Reception - wow, this year is flying by! We are looking forward to starting some new things in Reception including Forest Schools with Mr Austin and our new topic - Are carrots orange? It's going to be a brilliant term, I'm sure. 

Forest Schools 

This week we started our Forest Schools with Mr Austin where we will be learning outside the classroom and learning lots of things including using tools, making fires and exploring the outdoor environments. Today we started off by ensuring that our forest schools area was tidy and clean ensuring that things that do not belong in the forest are placed in the bin. We then looked at long and short sticks and placed our class sticks in order and then used the things we could find outside to create a picture of Miss McIntosh. We had a great time, can't wait for next week!



End of Spring Term 

Reception Willow have had an incredible Spring Term and have been working really hard! We have really enjoyed our Cornerstones Topic - Do Cows Drink Milk? and learnt a lot about farm animals and life on a farm. We called a farmer in Ireland and were able to ask lots of questions. We completed class experiments including what happens if we do not put milk in a fridge and have completed so many activities. To finish the topic off, we enjoyed our school trip to Hatton Farm. Thank you to everyone for their hard work this term - we are looking forward to the Summer Term!  

Hatton Country World

We had a fantastic day at Hatton Country World​. Reception Willow were super stars and were able to do so much. First we walked to see the baby animals, some of which were just born. We saw piglets, calves, lambs and kids and learned all about why some of the animals have colours or numbers were on them. We then were really lucky and went on a tractor all around the farm, it was so much fun but very cold! After we went in to have a look around the reptiles and into the guinea pig area where the children were very brave and fed the animals and even held them. After we had our lunch, we went into the soft play area where all the children had so much fun playing and even Miss McIntosh went on some of the slides! On the way home, we were all very tired and some of us even fell asleep! It was a really great day!

Visiting the Church - Easter 

Reception Willow were very sensible walking to church to hear all about the Easter story. We took our class cross that we created and placed it in the church and listened to the teachers reading the Easter story as well as the vicar talking about the Easter celebrations. We sang songs and a had a great time. Miss McIntosh, Mrs Convery and Mrs Bostock were very proud of the children for being so sensible. ​

Our Living Eggs

Naming Ceremony - we had a fantastic naming ceremony for the chicks. We put all of the names that the children had chosen as part of their home learning into a pot and selected children to pick out a name. We named the girl chicks, Lile, Honey and Foxy and the boy chicks, Yellow, Funny chick, Jams, Roo and Fluffy. 

We loved having the chicks in Reception and watching them grow. ​

It has been so exciting watching our eggs starting to hatch. The cracks started in eggs and we saw them coming out. When they came out they looked very wet and they were exhausted - it was hard work hatching! As they have started to grow, they have become more fluffy and the children have started to clean out their brooder box with Mrs Bostock. It is very exciting.​

Reception had a delivery this week of some special eggs. We are learning all about how we can look after the eggs and they are in an incubator and are keeping warm. We are hoping that if we look after them so well, they might hatch! 

World Book Day

The children loved coming to school dressed as their favourite characters from a book. They all looked fantastic! We had a great day in Reception Willow focusing on our literacy story, Funnybones. We had an art afternoon where we created moving skeletons, used sponges to print skeletons, created the Funnybones town using wax crayons and created a large scale town using collaging as a team. We had a great day!​

Spring 2 WOW Day 

To launch our new topic​ - Do Cows drink milk? the children came to school dressed in their 'farmer' clothes and they all looked so good! Throughout the day we learnt more about life on a farm and what animals live on a farm. 

After lunch time, we were lucky enough to speak to a real farmer from Ireland about his farm and the things he does on the farm including what animals he had. His name was Russell and he had 50 cows and 300 sheep! He said the animals sleep in a shed in the winter and outside in the summer and it only takes him 5 minutes to shear a sheep - it was very interesting to hear! Thank you for talking to us Russell.  ​
(Unfortunately due to a technology mishap, we ended up 'phoning a farmer' instead of 'facetiming a farmer' but he sent some photographs over so we could still see.) 

Arts Workshop

On Friday the whole school took part in an art workshop afternoon and Reception Willow had a great time! The children got to choose from 4 different art activities; they could choose to dance with Miss Simmonds, collage using cold colours with Mrs Ward, drawing with Miss Johnston or create a beach scene with Miss McIntosh.​ We had such a great afternoon! 

Countries Day

Reception Willow were so excited to learn all about India for our countries day! We had lots of fun with all of our activities. We started off the day learning about the culture of India and some facts about India as well as talking about the outfits Miss McIntosh and Mrs Convery were wearing.​

We then talked about the differences and similarities of life in India and life in Coventry. We watched a video and looked for things that were the same and things that were different. After that we looked at some of the traditional hand fans which are called pakhis. We all had a turn at spinning them and wearing some of the outfits. ​

During our art lesson, some of us sketched Coventry landscapes and some of us drew rural India landscapes. We then compared our drawings with each other identifying the differences. We noticed that Coventry had lots of cars and buildings and India did not. 

In the afternoon, we learnt how to say hello and count to 10 in Hindi and we tried some Bhangra dancing. ​We also used lots of our senses - hearing, looking, smelling and tasting. We each had a turn in smelling some Indian spices and then tasted some food. It was very interesting as you can see from some of our faces! 

It was a really lovely day and I hope the children enjoyed it just as much as I did! ​

Physical Education

We have been loving our PE lessons with Mr Bordely. This term we are focusing on gymnastics and have loved balancing, rolling and jumping on the mats. 

Music Wall 

We are coming to the end of our Cornerstones topic, What's that sound? so to end it, we created a Reception Willow Music Wall in our outdoor area and it was so exciting! All the children put their coats and hoods up to explore some of the instruments we created, these included pots and pans, milk bottles, sticks, and anything that could make noise - thank you to everyone who sent something in. The children explored the sounds they made - it was very noisy! We can't wait to share it with you all.

Phonics Learning 

The children have made so much progress in their phonics since September. The children have learned so many sounds and lot of tricky words. On Friday, during our phonics lessons, the children worked with their phonics partner to highlight tricky words in a short story. We found the tricky words: the, into, go, to, he and she. ​

Welome back everyone! It's so lovely to see all the children so refreshed after the Christmas holiday and hear all about their holiday. To kick of the Spring term, we had our Explorer WOW Day to introduce our new topic - What's That Sound? The children went on a lovely walk, despite the cold temperatures, around the local area to use their listening ears. We heard so many sounds including dogs barking, cars driving, birds chirping, children talking, feet stomping, wind blowing, cats meowing, drills drilling and lots more! The children enjoyed completing their What's That Sound? sheet and used their phonics to write some of the words. 



Our trip the the Belgrade Theatre 

Reception Willow had a great time visiting the Belgrade Theatre to see Santa's Sparkly Surprise on Friday. We loved singing along with all the songs and helping the elves to decorate Santa's Christmas tree. At the end, we got to meet Santa! It was very exciting. 

Daisy Update - WE FOUND HER!

Daisy had gone to get us a beautiful Christmas tree for the classroom. Thankfully she is back safe and sound. Thank you for helping us find her! 


Oh no! Daisy has gone missing. The children have been trying to figure out what has happened by asking 'when, why, what, where and how' questions as well as creating lots of posters so that everyone in the school can help us find her. We went on a search around the school looking for clues but we couldn't find her. We hope she is found soon - if you find her please let us know! 

Our Autumn Term Learning 

We have had such a busy Autumn Term so far which I am sure will continue right up until Christmas! We have been really focused on our learning this term and have had lots of fun completing weekly independent literacy and numeracy challenges linked to our learning. 


We have been working really hard learning about Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita. We have been planning a party to celebrate Diwali and Bonfire Night in our writing with our teachers and have been creating our own repeating pattern headbands to help us to celebrate. We have also painted some beautiful Rangoli patterns in our art work to decorate the classroom. At the end of our learning, we have had a class Diwali celebration in which we wore our headbands and had a dance!​

Bonfire Celebrations

Before half term, Reception were learning about People Who Help Us as part of our Cornerstones Topic - Do you want to be friends? and we talked about the emergency services and how they help us. We discussed police officers, fire officers and paramedics. To finish off this topic and related to our Bonfire Night learning, we were very lucky to be visited by a fireman. We learned lots of information about staying safe in a fire and what we can do if we see one as well as how we can ensure our houses are safe. He was very kind to allow us to try on some of his special equipment - even Miss McIntosh tried on the trousers and boots! It was lots of fun! ​

First Week of School

The children are enjoying their settling in sessions in Reception Willow and are starting to learn all about the routines in class including stopping when they hear the tambourine. This week the children have also been for a tour and visited all of the areas of school which was very exciting! We are very excited to spend all day in school next week. 

Teddy Bear Picnic 

Thank you for coming to our Teddy Bears Picnic. It was lovely to see you all there and we know the children really enjoyed it! ​

​Cornerstones - Why do squirrels hide their nuts? 

To introduce our new topic, Reception went on a Welly Walk around the school grounds. We were looking for all things 'autumn' including autumnal leaves, pine cones, sticks and acorns. ​The children enjoyed collecting things with their partners and ticking off the checklist.