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Back to Whitley Abbey Primary Home Stars Of The Week 2016 - 2017  

Teachers choose their Whitley Stars of the Week

June 23rd

Ayyaan, Betsy, Ashwanth, Nila, Eliza, Tejasv, Mario,Ella, Daniel, Dhanshri,Layla and Kamil


June 9th

Jessica, Daniela, Rhys, Hannah,​ James ,Lucas and all of Year 6 Elder


May 19th

Morgan, Kian, All of Year 4 Yew, Hamza and Arian


May 12th

Eva, Bella-Rose, Billy, Mini, Allek, Y1 Maple, Mario, Rafael, Emily, Jaker, Lexi and Faith


May 5th

Magan, Atena, Amie, Callum and all of Year 6


April 28th

Hannah, Reception Willow, Harris, Lily, Joseph, Lilly-Rose, Amelia, Ruby-Rose, Summer, Anna, Gracie and Mihnea​

March 31st

Jenson,Harley,Layla,Ava,Ollie, Lily-Rose,Kasey,Ryley,Advika,Logan, Drishika and Lucia


March 24th

Hannah, Philip, Osam, Charlie,Lucas,Sofia,Ewan and Ryan


March 17th

Ben, Rose, Roxy,Marcus,Tejasv,Jackson,Alex, Amelia, Millie,Joshua and Shaney-Ellis​


March 10th

Archie,Caspar,Aisha,Callum,Arian,Daniela and Elyse​


March 3rd

Bethany, James, Dayyan, Nathan, Whole of Year 1 Maple, Lila-Belle​, Rafael, Poppy,Karolis, Poppy and Indie


February 10th

Billy, Hollie, Hannah,Mason, Joseph, Harrison, Kieran, Joe, Olivia, Daniel and Alena​


February 3rd

Millie,Josh,Leland, Ellie, Aniruddh, Tanaka. Hannah and Mikolaj​


January 27th

Connor, Mia, Ben, Kaydon, Alfie, Amelia, All of Year 1 Maple, Poppy, Oliver, Manvi, Advik and Joshua​


January 20th

Ananya,Sophie,Aimee,Kim,Daniel,Gracie and George​


January 13th

Dougie, Javana, Rose, Paige, Angel, Jolie,Agjiee,all of Y2 Sycamore, Maisie and Lyjn​



Autumn Term 2016

December 2nd- Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

Mia,Oliver, Lilly, Ruby Rose, Eila, All of Year One Maple, Andrew, Owen, Emily and Kye​


November 25th-Key Stage 2

Leison, Nadia, Neveah, Devang, Kayleigh, Rudy and Sameer​


November 18th-Foundation Stage and Key Stage 2​

Aaron, Chloe, Kai,Lola, Charlie, Rohan, Hamza, Vikram, Lucia,Mihnea, Tommy and Divya


November 11th-Key Stage 2​

Megan, Comnnor, Savannah, Sam, Toby, Ryan and Michael​


November 4th-Foundation Key Stage and Key Stage 1

Jenson, Layla- Rose, Radoslaw, David, Grace, Isobel, Kasey, Kieran, Bradley and Lexi​


October 21st - Key Stage 2

Scarlett, Juee, Lily-Ann,Ruby, Isabelle, Keir and the Whole of Year 6​


October 14th - Key Stage 1

Shree, James, Ratchit, Nicola, Gracie, Noah, Faith, Jake and Isobel​


October 7th - Key Stage 2

Cameron, Jack, Max, Libby, Sofia, Lucas, Samuel and Gracie​


September 30th - Key Stage 1 and Foundation Key Stage

Georginne,Radoslaw,Sadaf,Brodie,Charlie,Beau,Tommy and all of Year 2 Aspen


September 23rd - Key Stage 2

Freya, Lacie, Brooke, Charlie, James, Erika, Mia and Max


September 17th - Key Stage 1 and Foundation Key Stage

Kara, Angel, Samuel, Emily, Amelia,Drishka, Poppy and Anna