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Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

Archive 2016 - 2017

Bronze Winners​

Mihir, Kassem, Brooke, Max, Bella-Rose, Ruby-Rose, Sam, Lokesh, Lexi, Daniela, Lily-Ann and Erika

Silver Winners

Lexi, Troy, Harrison, Oliver, Aayush, Charlie, Nicola, Layla, Divya, Connor, Brooke and Keir

Gold Winners

Naavya, Pheobe, Skye, Eva, Dougie, Rajveer, Kieran, Amelia, Jake, Atena, Ruby and Joshua


Bronze Winners​

Paige, Jenson, Janet, Sam, Lewis, Alfie, Owen, Josh, Alfie, Charlie, Josh and Arian

Silver Winners

Eva, Darcey, Connor, Nila, Erin, Bianca, Alok, Rhianna, Mikolaj, Rubie-Lea and Ljyn

Gold Winners

Harshif, Aditi, Hannah, Nathan, Rafael, Sadaf, Bradley, Dhanshri, Freya, Charlie and Callum