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Teachers choose their Whitley Stars of the Week

Stars Of The Week Archive 2016 - 2017

April 20th-Key Stage Two

Summers, Josh, Kye, Faith, All of Year 4, Osam, Casper, William and Lucas​

April 27th-EYFS and KS1

Maisie, Finlay, Edward, David, Aditi, Betsy, Hollie, Jenson, Eila, Ayva, Kieran and Lilly​

May 4th-KS2​

Jack, Andrew, Daniel, Soumit, Hannah, Olivia, Savannah, Whole of Year 6 Elder​

May 11th- EYFS and KS1

Hadyah, Lexi, Amelia,Minnie, Brooke, Whole of ​Year 1 Ash, Leo, Mia, Rohan, Kevin, Cara, Kasey, Mohammed and Sadaf

​May 18th-KS2

All of Year 3 Oak, Olivia, Tommy, Scarlett, Melissa, All of Year 5 Silver Birch and All of Year 6 Elder.​

June 8th-KS2

Gracie, Josh, Charlie, Marco, Mohammed, Radu, Libby, Neveah, Sofia and Rory.

June 15th- EYFS and KS1

Molly, Jacob, Sophie, Jack, George, Aarya, Andrada, All of Year One Maple, David, Jack, Vivan and Rohan

June 22nd- KS2

All of Year 3 Elm, Olly, Kamil, Leison, Keerthana, Elissia, Tia, Rudy and James

June 29th- EYFS and KS1

Samina, Indie, Teddy, Olly, Olivia, Jayden, Lilly, Minnie, Max, Aditi, Kannan and all of Year 2 Aspen


January 19th- Key Stage Two​

Jishnu, Daisy, Juee, Lily-Ann, Shagun, Daniel, James and Alok

January 26th-FKS and KS1

Lola,Ehssan,Joe, Ollie, Bethany, Ava, Aayush, Joli, Joseph-James, ​Harley and Rachit

February 2nd-KS2

Layla, Faith, Maisie, Amelia, Hattie, Freya, Jack, Aimee, Ruby, Callum, James and Erika

February 9th-FKS and KS1

Olivia, Minnie, Hattie, Ava, Troy, Layla Rose, Sam, Lily, Paige, Agjiee, Samuel and Jack

February 16th- KS2

Logan, Beau, Grace, Tommy, Sresta, Atena, Ben, Sophie and all of Year 6 Elder.

March 9th​

Amilea, Louie, Raja, Ben, Shrija, Kaydon, Brodie, Nicola, Advika and David

March 16th-KS2

Aadi, Joe, Emily, Harry, Juee, Mikolaj, Summer, Darcy, Isabelle and Daniel​

March 13th-FKS and KS1

Aditi, William, Scarlett, Jackson, Layla, Emily, Marcus, Roxy, Jackson, Lila-Belle, Joseph and Freddie


September 15th-Key Stage Two

Beau, Alex, Advik, Divya, Alfie,

Soumit, Nadia, Aimee, Evan,Alok and William.​

September 22nd-Key Stage One

Nathan, Oliver, Eva, Emily, Alicia and Harry

September 29th-Key Stage Two

Indie, Noah, Elohim, Ljyn,Jessica, Philip, Elsa, Aisha, Faith and Kim

October 6th-Key Stage One

Max, Charlie, Billy, Chloe, Radoslaw, Amelia, Kieran, Sadaf and Casey.

October 13th  -Key Stage Two

Poppy, Amelia, Poppy, Dhanshri, Archie,William, Rhys, Jayden, Callum and Kayleigh

November 3rd  -Key Stage One

Charlie, ​Rose, Bella-Rose, Jovana, Ruby-Rose, Hamza and Lillie-Rose

November 10th -Key Stage Two

Gabriel,Ellie, Charlie, Liam, Freya, Lacey,Millie, Mihnea, Bradley and Georgia

November 24h -FKS and Key Stage One

James, Reece, Lola, Kye, Douggie,Vikram,Erin, Louis and Harrison

December 1st-Key Stage Two​

Jake, Anna, All of Year Three Oak, Connor, Morgan, Ruby, Tanaka, Rory and Arian