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Useful Information
 Please send your child's PE kit into school to keep on their peg. Please ensure all items are clearly labelled. Thank you.  Please send your child with a named water bottle for use in the classroom. These will be sent home at the end of each week to be washed. 
 Welcome letter to Year One Maple  Year 1 Curriculum Overview 2019
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Our current learning - Spring Term

Topic: Paws Claws and Whiskers
Numeracy: Addition and Subtraction

Literacy​: The Little Red Hen

In the news....

January 2020

What a fantastic first week back to the Spring Term. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Break and are pleased to be back. 

Little Red Hen 

In Literacy, we are now learning all about The Little Red Hen and the children have done amazing with their retelling and writing of the story. I captured the children retelling the story in their groups this week - have a look!

Paws Claws and Whiskers 

To launch our new topic, we had a visit from Cats Protection. They talked to us all about their self-funded charity and how they look after lots of cats who do not have homes anymore. They taught us lots of facts about cats like did you know that a cats water should not be kept near their food bowl? Me neither! 

All of the children wanted to help Cats Protection so we discussed all about charities and how we can use fundraisers to raise money for them. The children decided to put on their own fundraiser where we made cat shaped biscuits, created signs and thought of a game we could play. 

The fundraiser was amazing and we raised £40 for Cats Protection. 

Creating Cat Toys 

As part of our design and technology, we thought about what cats may like to play with. We had a go at creating our own using recycling materials. ​

Our current Literacy topic is: Beegu

Our current Numeracy topic is: Number and Place Value 

Our current Science topic is: Animals Including Humans

Our Current Creative Curriculum Topic is: Bright Lights Big Cities

In the news...

December 2019

Christmas Party 

Year 1 Maple had so much fun at our Christmas party on Monday! We played lots of games, had dancing competitions, played outside and ate SO much food - Miss McIntosh couldn't believe how much we could eat! It was a great afternoon, thank you all for your contributions. 

Delivery from Santa! 

This week, Year 1 Maple received a very special package and letter from Father Christmas. The letter said that Santa had a new elf who hadn't been trained yet and he needed our help to train the elf! 

The elf, Sugarplum, had been delivered to school and had accidentally wrapped himself up in wrapping paper! 

Year 1 Maple decided they needed to write their own instructions to teach the elf how to wrap presents. We then had a go at following our instructions to wrap our own toys. ​

Our Christmas Performance

We really hope you enjoyed our performance of A Magical Christmas Journey this week. We looked amazing in our costumes and Miss McIntosh and Mrs Clarke were SO proud of all of us!
Well done Maple!

London Poject

We have been showing off our computing skills this week using the Chromebooks from Year 2. We have learnt how to log in using our own personal google email addresses and then used Google Classroom to talk in the chat feed with our teacher. After we used our knowledge of London to create our own PowerPoint Presentations about London. It was great fun!


Our School Trip 

Year 1 Maple had a great time on their school trip to see Raymond Briggs' Father Chrismtas. They were excellent audience members and really enjoyed the show!


November 2019​

Crashed Spaceship 

Today something incredible happened! Miss McIntosh came into school to see the Forest School area taped off. When we investigated, we noticed that there was something crashed into a tree branch. We looked a little further and noticed there was slime on the ground and what looked like footprints! As a class, we discussed what we thought might have happened and we think there might have been a spaceship crash with a green slime covered alien inside... We cannot wait to find out more about it! 

Giving Directions

Year 1 have been beginning to learn about maps and using maps to navigate around London. The children started to use the language North, East, South and West to give directions. We have worked in pairs to direct a character from one landmark to another using a map of London. 

Digital Story Books 

As part of our literacy, the children have started to create their own story book. They have used the structure of a Wishing Tale to plan their story and write it. The children have thought of a main character and something that the character is wishing for. The children have used the iPads to create their digital story book and added animations and sound effects. We have had lots of fun!

London Landmarks ​

Year one have been learning all about London Landmarks including Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, The Shard, The Gherkin and lots more. The children worked as a team to mix ingredients and create salt dough. We then used the salt dough to create our own London Landmark models.​

Bright Lights Big Cities - WOW Day 

Year 1 had a lovely afternoon at their Royal Afternoon Tea! Unfortunately the Queen could not attend but we had a lovley time anyway. Everyone put their party clothes on, including Miss Davies, and we played some games and then had juice and some delicious cake with Miss McIntosh, Mrs Moynihan and Miss Davies. Afterwards we practised our curseys and bows and learnt the National Anthem. We then wrote a letter to the Queen to tell her all about the tea party. 

October 2019

Autumn 2

Part-whole model

In maths, we have been learning to use a part-whole model to understand addition. We have used the part-whole models to help us to write number sentences. 

We worked in teams to use cubes to write number sentences.

Our Bodies 

In science this term, we have started our new topic - Animals including humans. To start off we learnt all about the human body. We worked in groups to draw around people's bodies and label the drawing. ​


This term the science learned all about Materials. They identified materials and named the properties of everyday materials. The children then conducted an experiment to test out the best materials to make an umbrella for Ted. It turned out to be PLASTIC. 

September 2019

It is so lovely to see all the children back in Year 1. They are settling in so well and adapting really well to Year 1. 

​Class Art Project

As a class, Year 1 Maple are working together to create a life-size superhero. We sketched our own designs and as a class have begun to create a Super Scientist. We have been using paper mache to begin to cover mixed recylcling so that eventually we will paint our superhero. This is an ongoing project - keep coming back to see our progress. 

Florence Nightingale 

As part of our Cornerstones Topic - Superheroes, we have been learning about real life superheroes such as doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers and paramedics. We also learnt about historical heroes such as Florence Nightingale. We talked about how she worked really hard to help hospitals become cleaner so that she could look after the soldiers. 

Throughout our child initiated learning, we have been using role play to learn more about doctors and nurses and pretend to look after our patients. ​Have a look at our new role play area!


Throughout our literacy learning, we have been learning all about the story The Tiger That Came To Tea. We have been learning to write labels, lists and captions as well as retelling and sequencing the story. We worked in teams to use puppets to retell the story together. ​

Art Work​

This week we have learnt all about the artist Matisse and his style of​ painting. He is famous for using bold colours and we used his style to help us to create our own self portraits. We sketched our own and then used pastels to colour them in using smudging add the colour. Have a look! 

Superhero WOW Day 

​​We had a fantastic superhero day completing lots of superhero activities! We created our own superhero logo, made up our own superhero theme song, moved around like superheroes in PE and even went on a superhero hunt around the school and wrote about our favourite superheroes. It was a very busy day! Have a look at some of the pictures...