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Nursery Class

Reception Chestnut

Reception Willow

Year 1 Ash

Year One Maple

Year Two Sycamore

Year 2 Aspen

Year 3 Elm

Year Three Oak

Year 4 Pine

Year Four Yew

Y5 Cedar

Year Five Silver Birch

Year Six Elder

Think U Know 5-7

Think U Know 8-10

Year 4 Yew

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Teaching Assistant​

Useful Information
 Please send your child's PE kit into school to keep on their peg. Please ensure all items are clearly labelled. Thank you. 

Our PE day is a TUESDAY​

Please send your child with a named water bottle for use in the classroom. These will be sent home at the end of each week to be washed. 
 Curriculum Map for Autumn Term  

Our class welcome letter​

Our current learning - Spring Term

Our current Literacy topic is: Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf by David Almond

Our current Numeracy topic is: Fractions

Our current Science topic is: Animals including humans

Our Current Creative Curriculum Topic is: Traders & Raiders (Vikings)

In the news....

February 2020

Invertebrates - Science

We have been learning to sort vertebrates and invertebrates in differnt ways. Did you know that there are lots of ways to sort invertebrates according to their characteristics? 




Languages Day - Friday 14th February

We studied Greece on Languages Day. We found out all about the georgraphy of Greece and learned some key words. At the end of the day,  we tried some traditional Greek foods including pitta bead, feta, haloumi, cucumber, humous and tzatziki. 



Our amazing displays

​We have been working very hard on the displays in our classroom in the past weeks. On our Blue Abyss display we have our Found Poems, protect our oceans posters and also some information on our worlds' oceans. We have loved this topic!

In literacy, we have been studying 'The Bluest of Blues' and have learned to write in the first person. To do this we have been writing diary entries and persuasive letters. We also wrote non-chronological reports on mini-beasts in the style of Anna Atkins using Purple Mash.

January 2020

Litter picking - Science

​Can you believe that we collected all this rubbish from our school field in 15 minutes? When we got back into school we sorted the items into different types of rubbish - glass, plastic, rubber, food waste, metal etc. After that, we created a graph to show what we collected. We predicted the most common item would be made from plastic and we were correct!

Our new book corner

There are still a few finishing touches but our reading garden is nearly finished. We love it!​

(pictures to follow...)​

Peer assessment

​We have been learning to read and offer feedback to our partners' work in lesson. We have really enjoyed learning to do this and using check lists to ensure we include all the features. We can then use green pen to make additions and revisions to our own and our partners' work.



Our class timetable - Autumn 2019

In the news...

November 2019

I AM WARRIOR WOW day - Wednesday 6th November 2019​

On Wednesday 6th November, we had a WOW day to begin our new topic on The Romans. We designed and made our own shields using sheets of cardboard, then painted them. We also had to strengthen the cardboard to make them strong enough to withstand an invasion. In the afternoon, we had a toga making competition and also tried olives and grape juice. We didn't like the olives much but we enjoyed the experience!


First we sketched our designs onto large pieces of card. 


After that, we strengthened the cardboard using strips of card and tape. Then we painted them.


Finally, we had a toga making competition. Using only a piece of material, a length of string, an elastic band and a safty pin, we made our creations! 

October 2019

Science WOW day - Thursday 17th October 2019

​To finish our Potions and States of Matter topics we made goo (Ooblek) and bath bombs. We had lots of messy fun and learned about different chemical reactions! With special thanks to Jo Smith for bringing her science expertise to share with us (and helping to clean up!)




Art/Literacy - Sketching wolves - Thursday 3rd October 2019

As part of our learning in literacy around the book 'Wolves' by Emily Gravett, we have been sketching wolves, writing captions and collecting vocabulary to support our information leaflet designs. 


Place Value Coins - Friday 4th October 2019

​We have been learning about exchanging in maths as part of our addition and subtraction work. We have been investigating what happens when we need to make an exchange using place value coins and charts. 



 ​September 2019

​We have made a fantastic start to Year 4 and our teachers could not be more proud of us!

Science - Investigating gases - 18th September 2019

In science, we have been learning about gases and how they behave (even though we can't always see them!) We have been looking at how gases behave in water with sponges, on raisins in lemonade and in inflated and deflated balloons. We recorded our results in our science books. 


Potions WOW afternoon - Thursday ​12th September 2019

 To launch our new topic of Potions, we had a WOW afternoon. We came to school dressed as either scientists or characters from Alice in Wonderland. We had a special visitor, Joanne Smith, who is a Science teacher at a secondary school, come and do some fantatic investigations with us and demonstrate some really amazing science. Later, we made a rainbow potion for Alice to help her on her travels through Wonderland. Finally, we had tea and jam tarts to celebrate the start of our new class novel - Alice in Wonderland. What a great day!