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At Whitley Abbey we use Chris Quigley Essentials for our Geography curriculum. 

Our Geography subject leader is Mrs Riley

Geography Curriculum Maps

Here is our Geography curriculum overview for each year group.

Year 1

Autumn Term 

Around Our School – Mapping Focus

Spring Term 

Bright Lights, Big City – London

Summer Term

Our Wonderful World

Where in the world do we live?

Year 2

Autumn Term 

Street Detectives – local Area

What is it like where we live?

Spring Term 

Land Ahoy – UK

What is special about our island?

Summer Term


What is it like by the sea?

Year 3

Autumn Term 

Climate Zones and Weather

Why is climate important?


Spring Term 

Our Continent – Focus on Greece

Why is the Mediterranean a popular holiday destination?

Summer Term


How does the Earth shake rattle and roll? 

Year 4

Autumn Term 


Spring Term 


Summer Term

South America – Rio and South East Brazil 

Year 5

Autumn Term 

Raging Rivers

How does the water go round and round? 

Spring Term 

United Kingdom

What is the UK like?


Summer Term

Global Trade

Where does our stuff come from?


Year 6

Autumn Term 

Frozen Kingdoms

Biomes of the world

Spring Term 

Mexico and the UK


Summer Term

Local Area and region