6th  March – Action for Happiness

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14th – War Awareness

With daily mentions of war, both in the news and in conversation, children and young people will inevitably have questions. Save the Children UK have put together 5 handy tips on how to talk to children about war. We hope you find these useful.


21st – Growth Mindset

Here are some examples of language that you can use to support your child and your own growth mindset. Together we can!

28th – Thrive Activity of the Month

Thrive activities of the month – March 2022
Funny story telling

I’m Being Silly!

1. The adult starts off with a simple story and your child has to stop you when you have to said something silly. For example: Johnny was a four-year-old boy on his way to school. As he left, he grabbed his car keys and buckled himself into the driver’s seat.

2. If they don’t stop you, you keep going.

3. Make the story as easy or as tricky as you like.

4. Swap over!

Choose a fun, safe and agreed way to stop the story when you hear the silly.