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Back to Whitley Abbey Primary Home News Archive 2017 - 2018  

It's the last day of term! We want to say a farewell to our lovely Year 6 Class!

Here they are at their farewell prom


And a huge well done to Kayleigh for not having a day off school for the last 7 years!

Week 1

The Summer Term! After our long Easter break we were back and ready to learn and finally enjoy some sunshine!​

In our assemblies this week we have been thinking about how good it is to be me! ​

On Wednesday, Y5 went to Whitley Academy to see what life was like at the secondary school- they spent time with other children and worked in teams doing lots of fun activities.

Year 6 have been busy getting ready for their SATs tests and we are so pleased with how hard they are working.

In our first Achievement Assembly of the term our Stars of the Week were Summers, Josh, Kye, Faith, All of Year 4, Osam, Casper, William and Lucas. Year 3 ELM showcased their amazing equivalent fraction song!

Week 2

This week we have been thinking about British Values and how they link in with our Code of Conduct. 

Children were presented with Science Certificates and Space Dust for their homework linked to Science Week.

Reception classes saw the arrival of chicks in their classroom this week and were very excited to see the eggs hatch.

In our Achievement Assembly our Stars of the Week were: Maisie, Finlay, Edward, David, Aditi, Betsy, Hollie, Jenson, Eila, Ayva, Kieran and Lilly.​

Week 3

Another busy week at school started with a full day on Sunday!

Children ran the School Mile starting bright and early at the Memorial Park with Miss Bourne, Miss Simmonds, Mrs Blatch, Mrs Procter​, Mrs Russell and Miss Moriarty. Well done to Rafael and Ellie for completing the course the quickest! See  a picture on ou Special Events page!

Later that day,members of Choir joined with other schools to sing at the WASPS rugby match at the Ricoh Arena. Mrs Phythian, Mr Austin, Miss Bourne, Mrs Ward and Miss Johnston really enjoyed hearing the disco medley! See a picture on our Special Events page!

We were pleased to hear the news that Mrs Hall had a new baby grandaughter at the weekend called Edie.​

It was Y4's turn to go swimming this week and they had a great time. Mrs Bi and Miss Woan were so proud of their achievements.​

Year 1 Maple did their Class Assembly all about dinosuars.

We have been thinking about ​how we deal with our emotions in our assemblies

After school clubs started this week and it was good to see so many children join in a range of clubs.

In our Achievement Assembly ​the E Safety Team performed a rap all about keeping safe online. We celebrated Savannah's Martial art skills, Year 6 were presented with their Science Campus Day cerificates and the Stars of the Wek were: Jack,Andrew, Daniel, Soumit, Hannah, Olivia, Savannah and the Whole of Year 6 Elder.

Week 4

We returned to school after a lovely bank holiday weekend where we saw the sunshine at las​t!

In our assemblies we have been thinking about bullying and how we can prevent it from happening- we remember to say Is it Rude, Is it Mean or Is it Bullying?

Year 1 Ash did their class assembly all about being unique- they shared their talents of reading, singing and dancing.

Nursery had a visit from a 2 week old litter of puppies- they were loveley!

In our Achievement Assembly our Stars of the Week were: Hadyah, Lexi, Amelia, Minnie, Brooke, All of Year One Ash, Leo, Mia, Rohan, Kevin, Kara, Kasey, Mohammed and Sadaf. Year 2 Aspen showcased their literacy and maths work and Alfie was Caught Being Good!

Week 5

This week has been a busy week for Y6 as they did their SATs tests. We were so proud of their attitude to everything and they enjoyed a treat at the Memorial Park on Thursday.

We have been thinking about how important it is to look after our minds at all times in our assemblies this week- we know how important it is to have plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and we even tried yoga.​

Week 6

Our last week before the half term- doesn't time fly! 

This week we have been thinking about the festival of Ramadan in our assemblies and we had a visit from an Imam who told us all about Ramadan and why people fast.

We celebrated Mrs Procter's upcoming wedding- when she comes back after half term as Mrs Beddows!

We also said a sad goodby to Ms Vye who is leaving us- we will all miss her.​

Week 7

We all returned after the lovely half term break for our last half term and sadly the last half term ever at Whitley Abbey for our wonderful Y6 children​.

It was very colourful in Reception classes on Monday as the children came to school dressed as ladybirds to launch their new topic.

Y3 were very excited and so were their teachers, as they went on their trip to Cadbury World. They had an amazing time and came back with a lot of chocolate!

We welcomed the parents and children of our new Reception Classes into school on Tuesday evening- the children were very excited about seeing their new classes and trying on school uniform.

Miss Bourne was very proud of her Y6 tennis team who won their tournament and ​are now through to the finals. Super team work from Jaynie, Leland, Louis and Ellie.

We had a special assembly on Wednesday to celebrate Ramadan and Eid. The children in EYFS and KS1 performed songs and poems to remember this important time in the Muslim calendar.​

In our assemblies this week we have been thinking about the changes we come across in our lives as part of our PSHE work.

In our Achievement Assembly our Stars of the Week were: Gracie, Josh, Charlie, Marco, Mohammed, Radu, Libby, Neveah, Sofia and Rory.

​Week 8

We had a lot of tired people at school on Monday morning as the children in Years 3, 4 and 5 had attended the Sundowner and Camp Out on Friday and Saturday. Look at our special events page  for photos- they had a great time and fortunately the rain stayed away!​

​On Monday, some of Year 5 took part in a rounders tournament - we were so pleased with the children and how well they played as a team. Another group of Y5 children took part in a debating competition with other school- Mrs Beddows was proud of their debating skills.

We invited our dads into school this week to share our Fathers Day lunches- we think the favourite with our dads was the all day breakfast!

Thank you to all our parents and carers for the kind domations for the Summer Fayre.

In our Achievement Assembly our FKS and KS1 stars of the Week were Molly, Jacob, Sophie, Jack, George, Andrada, Aarya, All of Year 1 Maple, David, Jack, Vivan and Rohan.

Week 9

What an exciting week it has been when we saw the arrival of the new nursery building! It came in 3 parts on a big crane!

Our Year 6 tennis team came 3rd in the tennis tournament​- we are so proud of them!

Year 6 went to take part in the sports day at Baginton Fields- we supported our friends and spent a fortune on the tombola!​

In our Acheivement Assembly our Stars of the Week were: All of Year 3 Oak, Olly, Kamil, Leison, Keerthana, Elissia, Tia, James and Rudy. 

It was the FKS and KS1 Sports Afternoon on Friday-didn't we have lovely weather. Well done to Riley 2 and our outstanding sports people were: Eva, Daisy, James, Troy, Kieran, Layla Rose​ and Hamza.

On Friday night, some members of our choir sang with the Coventry Festival Band with their Disney themed concert.​We had a super evening and it was great to see Miss Bourne play in her band.

Week 10

​What a hot week it has been in school! We have been keeping cool by having some of our lessons in the shade- we are so luck to have so many trees on our field.

Year 5 finally took part in their rounders tournamant and had a gret time-Mrs Reilly was so impressed with their team work and support of each other.

Y6 had a transition afternoon at Whitley Academy on Wednesday- they enjoyed meeting their new teachers and of course the canteen was a great attraction!

Year Reception Chestnut did a lovely class assembly sharing the work they have been doing in their first year at school- they have grown up so much.

In our EYFS and KS1 Achievement Assembly the Stars of the Week were:Samina, Indie, Teddy, Olly, Olivia, Jayden, Lilly, Minnie, Max, Aditi, Kannan and all of Year 2 Aspen.

It was KS2 Sports Sports Afternoon- the children and parents had a great time even with the hot sun! 

​Week 11

Another week of beautiful sunshine- the children have coped really well with the heat​ making sure they have plenty of water, wearing their hats outside and applying their sunscreen.

We waved Y6 off to Dol y Moch on Monday- what a glorious week they have had- see some pictures on our Special Events page.

On Monday morning, a massive climbing wall appeared on our field. Children in years 1-3 had a chance to show their climbing skills- see our Special Events page.

We had our Transition Morning on Wednesday when the children got the chance to meet their new teachers. We also welcomed the new Reception Class children into school.

On Thursday, we had an assembly for Coventry City of Culture 2021. We had an elephant treasure hunt and Rhianna won the prize of a book token from Coventry Rotaary Club. Thanks to our governor, Jason Holmes, for organising this. ​

In our KS2 Achievement Assembly Y5 did a musical showcase and the Stars of The Week were: All of Year 3 Oak, Alena, Advik, Freya, Avika, Max, Hannah and Taylor.​

Week 12

Another hot week in Coventry! the temperatires have continued to sore.

At school we have had another very busy week as well as still working really hard.

Year 1 went on a fantastic trip to Coombe Abbey- their teachers were so proud of how well they behaved.

We had a great assembly celebrating our Sports Days and so many people were presented with medals. Alvis 2 were the winners ​ of the Key Stage Two sports. The outstanding sportspeople were: James, Alok, Harry, Lucas, Sofia, Olly, Summers and Dhanashri. Top Sprinters were: Jake, Poppy, Jake, Freya, Rhys, Aimee, Ronan and Isabelle.  Long jump winners were: Josh, Olivia, Kian, Morgan, Charles, Tia, Keir and Sophie. Speed Bounce winners were:Alena, Logan, Freya, Jake, Olivia, Max, Sophie and Lucas. 

​Year 5 and 6 children took part in a Tag Rugby Competition and won the most disciplined team- well done!

Our final class assembly of the year took place on Friday- well done to Reception Willow for shaing all their knowledge about mini beasts.​


It was back to school after our Christmas Holidays-all ready to start the new term ahead.

In our assemblies we thought about our New Year's Resolutions and the steps we could take to achieve them.​

Our choir had an exciting time at the Young Voices Event at the Genting Arena where we joined 6,800 other children for a concert, it was amazing! See the pictures on our Special Events Page and on our FaceBook page.​


Our second week back and so many of the children have been poorly, the bugs have been sweeping the school!

Despite this we have managed to keep working hard and attending different events​.

Children from Y6 took part in a rowing event at the Alan Higgs Centre and had very sore arms and legs after!​

In our assemblies we have been thinking about our goals and how we can achieve them.

In our Achievement Assembly we celebrated the achievements of the children in KS2- Our Stars of the Week were: Jishnu, Daisy, Juee, Lily-Ann, Daniel, James and Alok.

Year 5 showcased their French work including  Heads, Shoulders,Knees and Toes in French!​


We have been working hard and really enjoying our new Cornerstones topics- ask your children what they have been learning about!

There are so many exciting after school clubs going on in school- it is so good to see the children being involved in such activities as racquet sports, zumba, alternative sports and so many other exciting activities.

In our assemblies we have been thinking about Going for Goals and we shared the success of James in Y6 and how he achieved his goals in ice hockey.

In our FKS and KS1 Assembly we celebrated the achievements of the Stars of the Week- Lola, Esshan, Joe, Ollie, Bethany, Ava, Aayush, Joli, Joseph-James, Harley and Rachit. Year Reception Willow showcased their Talk for Writing work about their visit to the theatre.​


It has been a very exciting week at school with a big focus on storytelling in all of our classes. We had a visit from storytellers who enchantes us with a mix of fairy tales.

On Thursday we had our Harry Potter themed Fun For Families organised by Mrs Procter and Mrs Holland and Mrs Basson. We had the chance to make lots of Harry Potter delights and dress up as our favourite characters.

Our football team have been in action this week- sadly they didn't win their match but Mrs Kim was pleased with their effort and teamwork.

Year 3 Oak did an amazing assembly about the Stone Age showing us just how much they have learned in their Cornerstones WORK​

In our assemblies we have been thinking about our Code of Conduct​ and how we celebrate our diversity.

In our Achievement Assembly,our Stars of the Week were:Layla, Faith, Maisie, Amelia, Hattie, Freya, Jack, Aimee, Ruby, Callum, Erika and James. We gave coing certificates to Olivia, Max and Elsa and Year 6 showcased their work on fairy tale freeze frames.


We have had a busy week at school learning and spending time with our friends.

In our assemblies, we have been thinking about Mental Health and how importnat it is to look after our minds as well as our bodies.

Our football team have had two great wins since last Friday- playing in the very cold weather!​

Children in Key Stages One and Two take part in a weekly Carousel where we do our arts subjects with different teachers. We spend 4 weeks doing each of the following;art,DT, music, drama and dance.

In our Achievement Assembly we watched a Show Case by Year Reception Chestnut and our FKS and KS1 Stars of the Week were:​ Olivia, Minnie, Hattie, Ava, Troy, Layla-Rose, Sam, Lily, Paige, Agjiee, Samuel and Jack


It has been avery exciting week this week as we celebarted the ​wedding of Miss Bates to her husband to be Mr Ward. We had a special assembly to wish Miss Bates luck for her special day before we welcome her back as Mrs Ward.

Pancake Day was also celebarted as many classes made pancakes and had pancake races!

Children from Year 5 and 6 took part in a football tournament- we were really pleased with their team work and attitude.

Year 4 had a fantastic Roman day in Warwick and told us all about it in our Achievement Assembly.​

Year 3 presented their class assembly all about The Iron Man which has been part of their literacy work this term.

We had a special assembly on Friday to celebrate all the work we have done in our Carousel sessions- see the picture on our Curriculum Page.

Our Stars of the Week in Key Stage Two were: Logan, Beau, Grace, Tommy, Sresta, Atena, Ben, Sophie and all of Year 6.


We returned to school to meet the new Mrs Ward- Miss Bates got married in the holidays!

We celebrated World Book Day with some events for our families.

Bookd for Breakfast began at 8.15- we had chance to share breakfast with our parents and grandparents. We all came to school in our book character costumes- well done to our winners​: Edward, Maisie, Jenson, Betsy, David, Lexi, Joseph,Josh, Megan and Aimee.

We ended the week with a snow day- who would have thought it would snow in March!​


This week we have been celebrating and learning all about the Hindu festival of Holi. We shared our learning at a special assembly on Friday where we acted the story of the demon king, read our poems of Holi, showed our paintings and shared special sweets with our visitors.

In our assemblies we have been thinking about Stranger Danger and how important it is to say no!

We celebrated the achievements of our Y6 cyclists who passed their Level 2 Cycling Proficiency.

Our FKS and KS1 Achievement Assembly showcased  the work of Year 1 Ash and the Stars of the Week were​: Amilea, Louie, Raja, Ben, Shrija, Kaydon, Brodie, Nicola, Advika and David

Week 9

This week we celebrated Science Week and did a whole range of activities including 'eggsperiments​', mini beast hunts and looking at Albert Einstein's formula! It was also the week the famous British scientist, Stephen Hawking died.

Our sports people have been busy this week- Children from Year One took part in a multi sports competition along with the Year 5 sports leaders and our football team had a convincing 12-0 win!

Year 2 Sycamore did an amzing assembly all about castles​- we all enjoyed seeing how much they had learnt in all areas of the curriculum-even PE- we all dodged the balls!

Year 6 had a day at Coventry Cathedral where we experienced what life was like in the Blitz in Coventry. They also went up the old cathedral tower where the views of Coventry were amazing- and the 180 step climb made them very tired!

In our Achievement Assembly our Stars of the Week were: Aadi, Joe, Emily, Harry, Juee, Mikolaj, Summer, Darcy, Isabelle and Daniel. Oor recorder players from Year 4 entertained us with their first performance.

​WEEK 10

We couldn't believe that the Beast from the East came back again!

It was a cold start to the week again!

This week we have all been doing our assessments showing our teachers just how hard we have been working. Next week we have our parent consultation meetings so we will be able to share this with you!​

In our assemblies we have been thinking about Getting On and Falling Out​ and how we can work as a team.

Year 2 Aspen did their class assembly all about poetry to celebrate World Poetry Day​.

The Reception Classes had a visit from the police- they hadn't been naughty! The police told them all about the work they do in the community.





Reception and Year 2 classes had a maths workshop for parents to show them how we do maths at school- there will be more of these after the Easter holidays​ for the other classes.

In our Achievement Assembly we celebrated the Stars of the Week in FKS and KS1.Well done to: Aditi, William, Scarlett, Jackson, Marcus, Roxy, Jackson, Lila-Belle, Joseph and Freddie.​

KS2 Christmas Production

Christmas Around The World​

Week 11

November is nearly reaching its end and we are fast approaching Christmas. We have lots of exciting events planned including: theatre trips, Secret Present Room, Christmas performances at school and church, choir performing at different events and a House Talent Show!

We had a visit from Backing the Bid for Coventry City of Culture where we found out about all the exciting things which would happen if Coventry became City Of Culture.

Our football team won their match this week - we are so proud of our footballers.

Year 5 did an assembly about The Black Death and explained how the plague swept across Europe in the 1300's.

In our Achievement Assembly we celebrated our Stars of the Week: James, Reece, Lola, Kye, Douggie, Vikram, Erin, Lewis and Harrison

Year 1 Maple did a Showcase of The Lion Hunt

Week 10

We have been thinking about Anti Bullying Week at school this week and celebrating that we are all different, all equal and all unique. We had an assembly on Thursday when all the Key Stage Two classes presented their work on anti bullying through songs and poems. We had a non school uniform day to support the Anti Bullying Alliance and raised an amazing £141.49.

Our football team played two matches this week against Broad Heath and Clifford Bridge. We won one and lost one- we are so proud of our football players.

The whole school had a Taekwondo tatser session on Friday where we got to experience​ this Korean martial art.

We said a sad goodbye to Miss Gilmour on Friday. She is leaving us after 13 years at our school. We will miss her very much and wish her all success in her new job.​

Week 9

The children have been working hard all week enjoying their new maths, literacy and Cornerstones topics.

Year 2 classes went on a canal boat trip on the Coventry Canal​ and enjoyed seeing what life is like on a canal boat.

In our assemblies we have been thinking about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.

In our Achievement Assembly we celebrated the Stars of the Week of Key Stage Two: Gabriel,Ellie. Charlie, Liam, Freya, Lacie, Millie, Mihnea, Bradley and Georgia. Year 6 showcased theiw work on the Mexican Day of The Dead as part of their Cornerstones work.

Week 8

Back to school and a return to the darker nights with the clocks going back.

It was good to see everybody after the Half term break ready to learn and looking so smart.

In our assemblies we have been thinking about diversity and celebrating the variety of different languages we speak.

Years 5 and 6 have started to do Rugby with Engage! Coventry! They had a great time learning to play rugby as well as thinking  about core values.

In our Achievement Assembly we had a dancing theme! Children from Mrs Dhami's dance club performed as well as year 2 Aspen showcasing a dance they have been doing in PE.​ Our Stars of the Week were Charlie, Rose, Bella-Rose, Jovana, Ruby-Rose, Hamza and Lillie-Rose.

Week 7

We have reached the end of a very busy half term and we are all ready for a well deserved rest.

This week we had our Parent Consultation meetings- it was so lovely to meet parents and give them the chance to see all the fantastic work which has been going on around school.​

We celebrated Harvest with songs provided by Nursery, Reception and KS 1 clases.​ Thank you for all your donations for the Coventry Foodbank- see how much was collected on our Special Events Page.

Mrs Holland and Mrs Basson held a very successful Fun for Families Event with the theme of Bugs. Great use was made of all the conkers which we have been collecting.

The School Council arranged a charity day to support the WWF Wear it Wild Day. We came to school in our panda colours and raised an amazing £99. Thank you for all your support​.

Children from Years Five and Six took part in a biathlon event with Miss Bourne- pictures to follow.

Week 6

What a busy week we have had at school and we can't believe how close it is to the end of term. Autumn is well and truly in the air and around school woth leaves and conkers everywhere!

We have had a visit from Dee who works for Coventry Foodbank.She told us all about the wonderful work they do.We are collecting packets and tins for our Harvest Festival.

Our Year 3 and Year 4 Boys took part in a football tournament -Miss Bourne was so proud of them.

In our Achievement Assembly our Stars of the Week were: Poppy, Amelia, Poppy, Dhanshri, Archie,William, Rhys, Jayden, Callum and Kayleigh. Year 5 Silver Birch showcased their work on potions.​

Week 5

Autumn is well and truly with us- the leaves are falling and the nights are beginning to draw in.

In our classes we are working really hard with all our subjects. We have started a new curriculum for our history and geography lessons called Cornerstones and some very exciting work is going on around the school- there has been potion making, soap carving and other amazing things going on.

We have also started a Carousel of Arts activities in both Key stages which involve art, DT, music, dance and food technology. We ar working towards gaining our first Arts Mark award.

In our assemblies we have been thinking about our Growth Mindset and how importnat it is to keep trying.

It was Key Stage One Achievement Assembly where  Y2 Aspen showcased their science work and our Stars of the Week were Max, Charlie,Billy, Chloe, Radislaw,Amelia, Keiran, Sadaf and Casey.​

Week 4

This week we voted for our School Council, it was very exciting. The new School Council are: Fiona, Sadaf, Kara, Harry, Gracie, Noah, Summers, Lexi, Jake, Freya, Osam, Brooke, Sofia and Ronan.

We also voted for our House Captains and the following children were chosen: Lelaand and Sofia, Evan and Sam, Lucas and Jaynie and James and Kayleigh.

For the first time we have elected a Head Boy and Head Girl. Louis and Isabelle were chosen by all our members of staff.

Well done to all of the above children.

In our assemblies we have continued to think about friendships.

We had our school photographs taken this week-we saw lots of happy faces smiling for the camera!

Years 4 and 5 had a visit from the WASPS Rugby Club who did rugby training with the two classes.

We had a very exciting visit from the famous author Gareth P Jones who entertained us with stories and songs and signed copies of his books- see our Special Events Page.

On Friday we had a fund raising event for Macmillan with our amazing cupcake competition - see our Special Events Page.

It was our KS2 Achievement Assembly and the Stars of the Week were:Indie, Noah​, Elohim, Ljyn, Jessica, Philip, Elsa, Aisha, Faith and Kim.

 Week 3

​What a wet and miserable week we have had at our school but the children have brought the sunshine inside with their happy smiles and wonderful manners.

Our lunchtime and after school clubs have started and we are so pleased to be able to offer so many exciting oppurtunities for our children.

We reward the good behaviour of our children in many ways at our school but on occasions we have to remind the children of our expectations so we have introduced a system to ensure that everyone is tretaed fairly and has time to refelect. Letters have gone home explaining this.

In our assemblies this week we have been thinking about friendships as well as learning about the  Jewish festival of Rosh Hashana- the new yea​r.

The school has been covered in posters this week made by children wanting to be members of our School Council- voting takes place next week.

In our Achievement Assembly we celebrated the achievements of children in Key Stage One- well done to Nathan, Oliver, Eva, Emily, Alicia and Harry who were chosen as stars of the week.

Week 2

It was the first day of school for our new Nursery and Reception classes this week.

It was so good ​to see so many happy children eager to start at our school and we are looking forward to them being part of Whitley Abbey.

In our assemblies this week we have been thinking about our Growth Mindset and how we can exercise our brain as well as our bodies!

We had our first showcase of the term in our Achievement Assembl​y -Year 4 shared their learning form the first two weeks, they have been so busy!

Our Key Stage 2 Stars of the Week were:Beau, Alex, Advik, Divya, Alfie,Soumit, Nadia, Aimee, Evan,Alok and William.​

Week 1

  It was so good to welcome everyone back to school after the holidays.

All the children have grown so much and are ready to start their new classes.

We welcomed three new members of staff to our fantastic team- Miss McIntosh in ​Year 1 Ash, Miss Moriarty in Year Three Elm and Mrs Kim in Year Five Silver Birch.  Mrs Nero also returned from her maternity leave to Year One Maple.

ernity Our Reception and Nursery team have been visiting children at home ready for their start next week- it will be exciting.

In our assemblies we thought about our Code of Conduct as well as celebarting all the changes which have taken place over the holidays- JLR have transformed our outside area by the nursery class.

and we have lots of lovely grass on the front pla​yground.