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Stars Of The Week

Teachers choose their Whitley Stars of the Week

This week's Stars of the Week are:

Year 3 Oak, Isla, Angel, Tamzin, Elohim, Amelia, Kray, Year 5 Silver Birch and Year 6 Elder.

FKS and KS1

Raya, Andrew, Mason, Iyiola, Troy, Scarlett, Fran, Mason and Aayush​

Agjiee, Tejasv, Rajveer, Afraima, Lewis, Lokesh, Jake and Taylor​

FKS and KS1

Finlay, Evie, Lexie, Tanav, Jenson, Maisie, Olivia, Gregorz, Janet, Emily, Billie and Marcus

KS2- May 24th

Hiren, Malik, Rafael, Samuel, Marko, Yahye, Noah, William, Layla, Jack,Keerthana, Shagun and Musfira

FKS and KS1-Friday May 17th

Courtney, Salahuddin, Logan, Teddie, Nathan, Lola, William, Macie, Harley. Eva, Layla, Mia and Jovana​

KS2-Friday May 10th

Vikram, McKenzie, Samira, Joseph-James, Lexi, William, Joshua, Connor, Freya and All of Year 6.​

FKS and KS1- Friday May 3rd 

Max, Rithvik, Maya, Grace, Edward, Nicola, Georgia, Indie, Rose, Ahaan and Aayush

This week's Stars of the Week are:

Key Stage Two

All of year Three Oak, All of Year Three Elm, Tamzin, Yahye, Beau, Aadi, All of Year Five, Taylor and Ruby.​

Reception and Key Stage One​-March 29th

Nate, Phoenix, Annabelle, Santana, Isla, Kyron, Ollie, Joe, Indie, All of Year 2 Sycamore and Aspen​

Key Stage Two​- March 22nd

Hamza, Rachit, Harry, Harrison,Lewis, Poppy, Indie, William, Freya, Cameron, Megan, Max and Tanaka​

​Reception and Key Stage One- March 15th 

Meena, Igor, Aradhana​, Jack, Raja, Skye, Ben, Emily, Minnie and Dayaan

Emily, Harley, Jayden, Alicia, Kye, Dhanashri, All of Year 4 Pine, Melissa, Aariz, Rihanna and Hannah   

Key Stage Two- March 8th

Emily, Harley, Jayden, Alicia, Kye, Dhanshri, Year 4 Pine,Melissa, Aariz, Rihanna and Hannah​

Reception and Key Stage One -March 1st

Sangaana, Bethany, Andrei, Tilly, Musa, Maisie, Lola, Adithi, Molly, Oliver, Shrija, Jenson, Roxy and Lily.

Key Stage Two- February 15th

​All of Year Three Oak, Riley, Lila-Belle, Grace, Joshua, Amieleigh, Atena and all of Year 6 Elder

Reception and Key Stage One-February 8th

Naranjana, Krishitha, Matilda, Aden, Darcy, Amelia, Pheobe, James, Jensen, Paige, Douggie and Nathan​

Key Stage 2-February 1st

Muhammed, Charlie​, Rafael, Advika, Elohim, Lucia, Bradley, Freya S, Jake, Ruby C and Aisha

Reception and Key Stage One

Brooke, Eva, Adam, Ashwanth​, Matin, Roxy, Hadyah, Louie, All of Recption Willow and All of Year Two Sycamore

Key Stage Two- January 25th

Dexter, Kieran, Jack, Bianca, Tamzin, Olivia, Amelia, Layla-Rose, Kian, Daniela, Aimee and Jayden

Reception and Key Stage One-January 18th

Jayden, Andrew, Ezme, Sophie, Harrison, Lexi, Finley, Aditi, Hannah, Jenson and Leylan.​

This week's stars are:

Key Stage Two

​All of Year Three Oak,Hosna, Harrison, Ljay, Harry, Joe, OlIver, Avika, Soumit and the whole of Year 6


​Week 1- Key Stage 2

Brodie,Tejasv, Malik, Lewis, Ammaar, Poppy, Alex, Alfie, Lacie, Charles and Darcy.

Week 2- Key Stage 1

Hattie,Iyiolaa, George, Manvith, Lola, Connor, Belle-Rose and Samantha

Week 3-Key Stage 2

Eliza, Kieran, Kara, Kevin, Samuel, Jake, Divya, Aadi, Poppy, Scarlett, Amieleigh, Parth, Lily Ann and Neveah​

Week 4- Reception  and Key Stage 1

Nathan, Agastya, Teddy, Minnie, Harris, Poorvi, Lily, Betsy and Ayyan

​Week 5-Key Stage 2

Charlie, Charlie, Ayva, Haasini, Beau, Hattie, Leison, Ben and Caspar

Week 6

Reception and Key Stage One​

Kathleen, Coleen, Hannah, Charlie, Kye, Jenson, Bethany, Janet, Ava and Sam