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CEOP Reporting

CEOP is a law enforcement agency and is here to keep children and young people safe from sexual exploitation and abuse.

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Senior Management Position
Mr R. Walker Headteacher
Miss S. Carter Deputy Headteacher
Mrs M. Tidmarsh School Business Manager
Mrs M. Reeve Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S. Dhami English Lead
Mrs Y. Ofori Maths Lead
Mrs S. Bradbury Early Years Phase Lead
Class Teaching Staff Support Staff
Nursery A. Johnston
H. Dawson
K. Whiteside
J. Clarke
Reception S. Bradbury
Y. Hunter
E. Todireanu-Popa
E. Hydon
Year 1 E. Atherton
R. Harrison
S. Randev
Chloe Allen
Year 2 J. Adshead
H. Donnelly
D. Haymes
L. Bartholomew
Year 3 D. Bradnick
A. Williams
L. Adamson
Year 4 S. Davis
Y. Ofori

S. Clarke, J. Smith
S.Cowley, T. Gore

Year 5 J. Evetts
H. Haines
M. Hammond
Year 6 S. Dhami
K. SPencer
D. Bivens
Inclusion Team Position
Mrs M. Reeve Family Support Worker / Designated Safeguarding Lead
Admin Team Position
Mrs M. Tidmarsh School Business Manager
Mrs J. Steggles Admin Assistant
Miss M. Wray Clerical Officer
Other Staff Position
Mrs A. Sharma Cover Teacher
Mrs J. Beddows HLTA
Mr J. Kitson Site Service Officer
Mrs A. Webb IT Technician/Computing
Mr J. James Sports Coach
Abbey Oaks Staff Position
Mrs D. Bivens Play Leader
Mrs L. Bartholomew Deputy Play Leader
Mrs S. Bhatia Play Worker
Mrs C. Frankis Play Worker
Kitchen Staff Position
Mrs J. Ralph Kitchen Cook
Miss S. Hall Kitchen Assistant
Mrs R. Ahilan Kitchen Assistant
Lunchtime Staff Position
Miss C. Frankis Senior Supervisory Assistant
Mrs O. Burcea Supervisory Assistant
Mrs L. Bartholomew Supervisory Assistant
Mrs M. Chime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs F. Smith Supervisory Assistant
Mrs P. Pregely Supervisory Assistant
Mrs M. Schofield Supervisory Assistant
Mrs A. Makinde Supervisory Assistant
Mrs K. Yokendran Supervisory Assistant
Miss K. Whiteside Nursery Supervisory Assistant
Cleaning Team
Mrs M. Schofield
Miss C. Frankis
Mrs F. Smith
Miss L. Torley

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