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Everyone D.O.E.S

Our Pledge

At Whitley Abbey we aim to provide a broad and balanced education. To achieve this aim, we recognise the importance of opportunities beyond the classroom. We plan a range of seminal experiences to support teaching in the classroom and to ensure that children have memorable events to inspire and  motivate them opening their eyes to a host of possibilities. 
Do / Discover
Outing/ Observe and Wonder
Experience / Expedition
See / Savour

View our Everyone DOES video below.

Subject Specific Information
Design and Technology

“Teach a child to read and keep that child reading and we will change everything.

And I mean everything.”

Jeanette Winterson

At Whitley Abbey, we use the Read Write Inc. Phonics program and believe this quote epitomises the Intent of teaching phonics at our school. We aim to provide pupils with the tools to learn to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension and to continue reading. By equipping the children with excellent decoding ability, we are giving them the skills for reading success.

Read Write Inc (RWI) is a consistent, rigorous and dynamic literacy programme to teach EVERY child to read by the age of six. Using synthetic phonics, children quickly learn to blend letter sounds together following a fun and effective programme.

The RWI programme has been proven to be a very successful method of teaching every child to read and write using phonics. All children in Years R to 2 will be following the programme. They will have already been assessed so will be put into groups and given the appropriate RWI reading and workbooks to follow. The programme can also be followed by older children to catch up. These classes will be using RWI as their reading scheme.

Children will participate in an hour session each day taught by a trained reading leader and will receive a reading book closely matched to their reading level. The children will receive two books – a new book bag book and a photocopy of the book they have been reading in school. It is desirable that children are heard read daily by adults at home as well as having the opportunity to be read to.

For more information about Read Write Inc Phonics watch the videos below.

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Religious Education
Home Learning