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Our teacher is Mr Austin

Our Teacher partner is Mrs Russell

The children have all made a great start in Nursery this year, with many looking forward to their first term at school and just a small number returning to us from before lockdown. As ever, we are all very excited to begin meeting new friends and discovering new things together.

As a school, we believe that an outdoor education is invaluable, and the children are loving our enhanced focus on balance, climbing and physical development. This is designed to help muscle and gross-motor skills, and prepares the children for pre-writing activities. We continue this inside the classroom, by introducing Write Dance, a series of gross-motor movements and mark-making patterns set to music.

Social skills and language development are also key to our Autumn term curriculum and we share a wide range of listening and speaking activities, as well as daily stories, songs and nursery rhymes. Current restrictions might prevent us from performing in school assemblies this year, but we will still practise Harvest and Autumn songs, so look out for our online performances!”

Here is a useful link with lots of fun activities to support your child with their speech development at home. 

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