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The current cost of a school dinner is £2.10 a day (£10.50 per week). Any queries regarding school dinners should be directed to our school office.

Our school offers a three-choice menu. Our menus rotate on a three weekly basis.

Latest School Menu

Our school offers a varied menu.

Our menus rotate on a three weekly basis.

Monday March 8th – We are starting back on Week 3 menu.

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A salad bar, fresh bread and a choice of drinks are available with all meals.


Free School Meals

Is my child eligible for free school meals?

You can apply for free school meals using our online application process

  • Please ensure you have completed all of the relevant information on your application form, ensuring that you have included the claimants correct National Insurance Number /or NASS reference number and date of birth.
  • You are no longer required to provide proof of your benefit entitlement. Your eligibility for Free School Meals is processed via a database held by the Department of Works and Pensions.

If you require further clarification of any of the above information, please contact the Free School Meals team:

Free School Meals

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 024 7683 3773

Customer Service Centre
Broadgate House

CV1 1FS​