For Attention of Parents/Carers of Pupils eligible for Free School Meals (this does not apply to Universal Infant Free School Meals YR-Y2)

Dear Parent/Carer 

We have been advised that those eligible for Free School Meals will receive food vouchers for the February half term holiday.  Each eligible pupil will be entitled to £15 – 5 days @ £3.00 and we will be providing Asda vouchers again Vouchers can be collected on Tuesday/Wednesday 15th/16th February from the school office and we would be grateful if you could contact the office from Wednesday 9th February to arrange a suitable time for collection on one of these two days.  Please note vouchers cannot be collected before the 15th February and we would ask you to book a time to collect so we can avoid large numbers of people collecting from the office at the start or end of the school day.

If you have any queries regarding this then please speak with a member of the office team or email me directly on [email protected].

Kind Regards

Marie Tidmarsh

Mrs M Tidmarsh

School Business Manager